He was supposed to be the smallest, Was he? P I was comparing to the Zhaitan fight, which seemed not as long as these two merged fights. Zhaitan’s the only ED element which cannot grow particularly easily. It’ll probably be a lot easier to do considering Mordremoth will likely be fought in the living world. I find it weird we still don’t have any info on Bubbles. The Pact eventually pushed into Orr where it systematically cut off Zhaitan’s supply lines and thinned the dragon’s troops, disposed of the Risen lieutenants and cleansed the Artesian Waters which were the Elder Dragon’s major source of magical sustenance. Either way, Zhaitan was definitely the most aggressive in its expansion and attacks, which would give credence to your idea.

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The big brother shows up, roflcrits the fleet and dies horribly. Use this subreddit as an alternative way of contacting customer support. While many guode these Unchained became lost after the Elder Dragon’s and its lieutenants’ grip over them vanished, some continued fighting in their fallen master’s name.

We can say that Zhaitan probably shrinked due to starving. Use this subreddit guild wars 2 zhaitan guide LFG. Its roughly dragon-shaped silhouette is formed by a twisting mass that branches into two major pairs of wings, flanked by secondary pairs attached to multiple slender tails that form its lower body.


It was so creative and different. It’s not a year long campaign slogging through enemy territory as if Anet tried to recreate the World War 1 trench warfare. I think comparing these models is highly unfair. And Mordremoth is nothing compared to Primordus. Path of Fire was the best it’s guile in a long time, with many of the actual landscapes similar to their GW1 counterpart.

Zhaitan – Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

There’s an actual portal that goes from one map to the other under the bridge of Fort Evennia. Get to him directly and More of an “look how strong I am! Yeah, yeah, I get it. Guilc campaign eventually opened the pathway to Arahthe Fallen City of the Gods, where Zhaitan itself roosted. Oh look at me i’m scary, bah Well, Primordus had years to build up while he bathed in lava.

The model at the top of the OP’s image appeared in guild wars 2 zhaitan guide launch trailer, and was supposed to be part of Zhaitan’s corpse. Seeming how Anet handles things honestly i think after GW 2 hits like years they are just going to finish it with a an expansion that guikd just have us find a way to kill the dragons all at once There is still the question on the complete different look. The video segment in questionthey may sound a little wishy-washy but the end result is an effective retcon.


Zhaitan was also the coolest looking one.

I understand that perspective, but I dislike how it cuts into Kralkatorrik’s narrative space. They rise and fall on a cycle that spans millennia. I guess the change of his appearence is due to snacking up magic for a long time and also having lava cooling off from his skin, making him even look bigger.

Zhaitan was supposed to look like that white model but they downscaled ghild. Primordus’ size there would work well if he’s the last elder dragon fought. You can’t top that. Check out our new player wiki page.

Yeah, they retconned that into not actually ever being Primordus. Planned content that got cut. Also he had to ferry in corpses from the mainla d and put them through a factory of undeath, so that’s a lot of dead organisms.

Mouth of Zhaitan

I always warz he was that small because of tech limitations. Didn’t they say at some point the in game model wasn’t representative of Zhaitan’s actual size? Attached is a series of screen shots I put together.