The Battle of Uhud was the second military encounter between the Meccans and the Muslims, after the Battle of Badr in , where a small Muslim army had defeated the larger Meccan army. Hind is reported to have cut open the corpse of Hamza, taking out his liver which she then attempted to eat. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Battle of Uhud. The Prophet appointed ‘Abdullah bin Jubair as the commander of the infantry men archers who were fifty on the day of the battle of Uhud. In any case, the Ayah is general, even though there was a specific incident that accompanied its revelation. He knew an encounter in open country would expose the infantry wings to envelopment, so to neutralize the Meccan mobility factor, he decided to hold high ground with Mount Uhud in their rear, which provided security from any attack from the rear.

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When the Prophet went out for the battle of Uhud, some of his companions hypocrites returned home. Abu Sufyan said, “I regard you as more truthful and reliable than Ibn Qami’a”, referring to the latter’s claim that he had killed Muhammad. Confusion ensued, and numerous Muslims were killed.

Ghazwa E Uhad Say Hasil Shuda Sabaq | Mufti Muneeb Ur Rehman | Daily Urdu Columns

The Meccan army was pushed back, and repeated attempts by its cavalry to overrun the left Muslim flank were negated by the Muslim archers. He had attracted a small community of followers, but also had opposition from the rest of the Qurayshthe jn that ruled Mecca and to which he belonged.

Muhammad had preached the religion of Islam in Mecca from to The Messenger told Umar to go up and answer him and say, “God is most high and most glorious. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Battle of Uhud. The Muslims readied for war soon afterwards and the two armies fought on the slopes and plains of Mount Uhud. They had expected another victory like at Badr, which ghazwa e uhud in urdu considered a sign of God’s favor upon them. The success of the Ghazzwa rousing of tribes against Muhammad reaped disastrous consequences for him and the Muslims with two main losses: This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat ghqzwa The Origin of Holy War in Islam.


Gazwa-e-ohad:غزوہ احد(مفصل حالات

According to Ibn Atheer, “The Prophet became uhue object of the attack of various units of the army of Quraish from all sides. The names are sorted alphabetically. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. At this critical juncture, the Meccan cavalry led by Khalid ibn yrdu exploited this move and attacked the remaining minority of Muslim archers who refused to disobey Muhammad’s orders and were still positioned on the hill.

The Banu Nadir were expelled from Medina after a fifteen-day siege, with some relocating to the oasis of Khaybar and others to Syria. Your companions have become victorious, what are you waiting for now?

Gazwa e Uhud – Urdu

Allah states here that the disbelievers spend their wealth to hinder from the path of truth. Muhammad showed his ability as a general by choosing the battlefield of Uhud.

Marching out from Mecca towards Medina on 10 Jn CEthe Meccans desired to avenge their ghazwa e uhud in urdu at Badr and strike back at Muhammad and his ghazwwa. They are the ones that say, of their brethren slainwhile they themselves sit at ease: Many Muslims were killed, and Muhammad himself was badly injured. The next morning, Muhammad sent out a small force to harass the Meccan army on their way home.


The following year on 10 Decemberwith Abu Sufyan at the helm, the Meccans, anxious to avenge their defeat at Badr, raised another force numbering 3, and set out for the Muslim base in Medina. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. He adds that rather than demoralizing the Muslims, uuhud battle seemed to reinforce the solidarity between them.

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Moreover we had a number of wounded, and all our horses had been wounded by the arrows. From there, the Meccans were then able to target and overrun the Muslim flank and rear.

Rather than attacking Medina itself, which was populated by numerous strongholds that would have required ghazwa e uhud in urdu sieges to overcome, they camped on the pastures north of the city, hoping that the Muslims would come out to meet them.

Part of the Muslim – Quraysh Wars. Map of the battle, showing the Muslim and Meccan lines respectively. The cave in Mount Uhud where Muhammad rested temporarily during the battle has also received recent media attention in the light of proposals by some Islamic scholars for it to be destroyed. Part of the Muslim — Quraish Wars.

O people, the booty! He forbade the mourning of the losses at Badr, for he was eager to exact revenge upon Muhammad, vowing to conduct a retaliatory raid on the city of Medina.