I even saved it in a different spot on my hard drive. Try the latest version and report back your findings. I’ve tried running through some default passwords and nothing works. Your name or email address: Muad’Dib , Jan 25, I’m using a 32 bit XP workstation. Actually tested on Windows 7 and Server

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No, create an account now. Been around for a while, but I saw they had an updated version 1.

GenControl – The Portable Freeware Collection

Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. For now, I gencontrol 1.1 just import the reg key on x64 machines that I need to control. The one under just software had keys under it; the one under wow had nothing under it. YeOldeStonecatJul 29, Actually tested on Windows 7 and Gencontrol 1.1 Im investigating the issue your having with x64 machines. Sounds like i need to test and fix the x64 issues more.


At the same time of the error can you also check the RCTEMP folder and file contents on the remote computer and see if anything is there? I was using GenControl 1. So its possible that there will be issues along the way.

need GenControl alternative for Windows 7

You shouldnt be getting a pasword prompt any longer on 64 bit devices with the latest version. Ok, i cant seem to replicate the issue on x64 devices. Jul 28, 4.

Additionally i havent tested on 32bit windows 7. I tried doing some searching, but didn’t find too much other than it allows for remote sessions.

Aug 5, Jan 23, Thats what we use and it works great. I’ll answering the clarifying questions next: Check when you get this error message.

Log in or Sign up. I can export them and upload them gencontrol 1.1 you’d like.

Download Gencontrol for Windows –

Jul 26, 1. I hadn’t heard of that remote app. Why not use the built in remote assistance which is different from remote desktop? Jul 28, 5. Thanks in advance for any information. Your attempting to connect from the same device each gencobtrol.


Please let me know if there are any issues. Did you try that one?

Instead i decided to write my own program that does exactly what GenControl does Your gencontrol 1.1 to connect to both Windows 7 x86 and x64 devices. I will report back once i have it narrowed down. Exported the Software key, changed the path in notepad, imported it back into the registry and then I had settings under the wow Server key.