View my complete profile. Stanza -1 Ganachaturaya ganapranaya Ganantaratmane Our prayers to the one with rounded gUDa ankles gulfAya , the one who is the intoxicant mattAya of fragrances gandha , and the one who grants pradAya wealth [in the form of cows gO ] and victory jaya! Unknown 21 October at Unknown 22 September at Theme images by Barcin.

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I meditate upon the one who is the One-tusked as Ganesh has only one tusk other being broken by His Father, MahadevaOne who has curved trunk and the One who is the Son and the most loved one of Goddess Gauri Parvati.

word for word meaning of Gananayakaaya Ganatheivataaya Ganat –

Publier les commentaires Atom. Gaanotsukhaya gaanamattaya Gannott sukh mana se Vaneana pujitaya guru daivataya Guru kulasthaine Guru vikramaya guiyya pravaraya Gurave guna gurave Gurudaitya kalakchhetre Guru dharma sada radhyaya Guru putra paripratre Guru pakhanda khanda khaya Geeta saraya geeta tatvaya Geeta gotraya dheemahi Gudha gulfaya gandha mattaya Gojaya pradaya dheemahi Gunadhitaya gunadhishaya Guna pravishtaya dheemahi Ekadantaya vakratundaya Gauri ganesh vandana dheemahi dheemahi Gajeshanaya bhalchandraya Shree ganeshaya dheemahi.

You are the unsurpassed one avikrahAya who is the force behind the surging torrents praLayavatey of water jal in the river gangA. I meditate upon the One who is Elephant-headed, who has the second day new moon over His head as ornament, and the who is respectfully known as Shree Ganesh by all.

You are the one who is always sadA worshiped ArAdhyAya by righteous practices dharma of the gurus. Grantha Geetay Grantha Geyaya Granthantaratmane One who represents the sacred songs of Shaastra, the One about whom sings the verses ganesh vandana dheemahi Shaashtra and the One who is present in the innermost part of these sacred books.


I meditate upon the One who is above the three Qualities, One who reigns upon these qualities, and ganesh vandana dheemahi One who inculcate these Qualities.

In word sentence you can call my blog as ‘One Stop For All’. Ekadantaya vakratundaya Gauri tanaya dheemahi Gajeshanaya bhalchandraya Shree ganeshaya dheemahi. Pray wholeheartedly of the One who is venerated by the teachers, One who is the God of the teachers Guruand the One who is protector of Gurus and their families.

GaneshVandana: Ganesh Vandana

Our prayers to the one who lifted the gOvardhan mountain gOvardhanAya and is present in every cowherd gOpa and cow-girl gOpAya. Pages – Menu Home Music Education. Lyrics of Lights song By Ellie Goulding. Guna titaya guna dhishaya guna pravishtaya dhimahi. Get more of our update! gajesh

Great songgives us the Heaven feeling. Unknown ganesh vandana dheemahi September at Unknown 24 November at Unknown 22 September at Gandharva rajaya gandhaya Gandharva gana shravan pranaime Gaadha anuragaya granthaya Geetaya grantartha tatvamide Ide dheemhi ganapataye. The translation of the famous prayer Shree Ganeshay Dheemahi is here under:.

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I started this blog to help ganesh vandana dheemahi out ganssh to figure out everything they need at one place. Gajeshanaya bhalchandraya Shree ganeshaya dheemahi. You make the teachers valorous vikramAyaand are the one that carries kuhya [4] their invocation to agni pravarAyaoh most virtuous guNa of teachers guravey.


Thanks for viewing my blog.

Lyrics of Ekadantaya Vakratundaya By Shankar Mahadevan – English

I meditate upon the One who Himself is the physical representation of Quality Guna: Same as stanzas 3 4, 5 and 6. Ajay Gogavale, Atul Gogavale Si Gaadhanuragaya Granthaya Geetaya Grantharth Tatvake One who has the deep adoration for the Shaastra sacred ganesh vandana dheemahi like Ramayana, Mahabharat, Veda and the One who knows the mystic and secret meaning of Geeta the most venerated book of Hindu religion whose principles and teachings are considered to be extremely difficult to understand.

In this verse, from gaNESa we move onto krishNa: Gandharvarajaya Gandhaya Gandharva Gaana Shravana Pranayine One who is the king of all the musician, One who is smells of divine perfumes and aromas, and the One who loves listening to the songs sung by Gandharvas Gandharva are lesser Gods and are considered to be musicians of heaven.