Probably a good thing as most of us would more than likely stall the aircraft out and crash right there on top of them ;-. I guess its one of the best FSX scenery add-on that u must not miss , buy it! I highly recommend this scenery to everyone in the flightsim community. I used it with all additional effects and options turned on and I observed a slight fps drops below my standard The repainted textures in this package are bit with no mipmaps for best clarity and quality. Before the release of FSX, most people wouldn’t have expected to see something as good as this scenery released for FS And it is a multi-airport scenery.

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It looks like the autogen was designed by several team members. Considering everything that is important to me — it is a 5-star scenery.

Following the special approach procedure into TNCM I look out of the window from my MD11 and see the vehicles move smooth and realistic in a scenery that looks so real. On the other hand — it has several flaws.

I love that they removed the old terminal, even though they originally had it a monument. I didn’t completely read it, but it seems you ll have to uninstall it, download a newer version and install that one. Perhaps this link will help – http: Flight Simulator X – Scenery. You will find sunbeds, garden chairs, benches, sunshades… — everything that you could expect on or next to a popular beach. The bar is raised once again, so many fzx, so many eye candies, flytsmpa so close to reality that you might feel you’re really there.


So naturally runway 10 is used for both landing and takeoffs in FSX. There is some 3d grass around this airports apart flytampa tncm fsx Saba.

How I review sceneries. Beginner helicopter mission for P3D V2 and Flytampa tncm fsx. Was you default scenery working to begin with? The airport is also popular among general aviation pilots and if you look closely at the pictures of the real airport — you will see many business jets parked here. It is mostly visible in Saba and St. On thing strikes me most — there are more tiny objects and animated people in the scenery around than on the airports.

This is really great scenery. Morn’n Folks, The fix is on page 4 of the link Don posted above Actually it was one of the first sceneries that I considered… several years ago. Once again there is little information to go on. Sign In Sign Up. Im flyfampa it took me this long to figure out i didnt provide them in the first place. It is a very flytampa tncm fsx product.


Hotels next to TNCM.

St. Marten Fly Tampa 1.8 FSX

This is neccessary for the correct calculation of taxes. What can I say?

I will be making many flights to and from St Maarten. There are “Easter Eggs” all over the place, though yes the only downfall would be there is no naked women sun tanning on the beach as you come in for a landing at TNCM.

FlyTampa TNCM – Airport Enhancement Services – AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES

Interesting links Here are some interesting links for you! This is my first afcad edit but it seems to be working good. Flytampa TNCM black squares problem.

Tncmm actually from SXM and it’s very close or identical to the real thing. Registration key after purchase, see order details page in customer account.