Review by Ross on Aug 12, Version: T on Aug 12, Version: It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. One interlaced source I did came out with duplicate frames after using the ivtc ‘native’ option so I ran that through autogk and was handled perfectly as xvid, but one source a pure telecined NTSC DVD came out excellent after ivtc process with FU wizard as either h or xvid, after failing in AutoGK as an avi showing green stripes cropping issue of telecined source? The 3D bit is redundant- who bothers with that?

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FairUse Wizard 2 Free

It works on bit and bit Mac OS. Download and install FairUse Wizard. This next screen is mainly comprised of settings from the Options screen.

If you prefer to use DivX, you will have to install it separately. Three other features that are only in the commercial version of FairUse Wizard are mentioned on his homepage: A project name of Simpsons Movie will give you an output file of Simpsons Wiaard.


Free Trial version available for download and testing with usually a time limit or limited functions.

Convert a DVD Movie Directly to AVI with FairUse Wizard

Comments There are no comments on this post yet, be the first fairuse wizard 2.9 to share your thoughts! This is great software. How to record anything on your screen using th If you get a runtime error during this portion of the process, it likely means that FairUse Wizard cannot handle the copy protection, and thus cannot convert the DVD.

That said the odd cockup can occur usually a bad rip and AutoGK can save the day, if you want an xvid encoding rather than h Review by Sal on Aug 7, Version: Smarthome Office Security Linux. Optimize your encodings with the “quality” setting! Get FairUse Wizard 2. Encode for your iPhone, iPod, Android.

DVD Backup made easy

Review by Valerie D on Aug 12, Version: No installation is required. Unlimited target file size for superior video quality! The 3D bit is redundant- who bothers with that? Powerful customisation and automation tools Encode tens of episodes of your favourite shows in only a few mouse clicks.

If you do not want subtitles, change the dropdown list to a single dash. You should now be back to the initial screen. This tool is still of some major use and better than most of that crapware out there! Browse the output directory and delete the temporary files after every conversion or your hard drive space will eclipse rapidly.


Hide search and browse box. It will then go through audio encoding and the resulting AVI file will be contained in the destination folder specified in the beginning. Review by Ross on Aug 12, Version: AutoGK can fairuse wizard 2.9 the same but my experiment with it cames out looking very squashed. Support requests for the Full Edition are replied within 24 hours.

Please click on the following link to open the newsletter signup fairuse wizard 2.9 Use ivtc and all will be well. The codecs used are DivX, Xvid and h.