At times, the compositions might seem mechanical due to the scale-running, fast chord changes, and machine-like drumming accuracy of Yuma van Eekelen, but there are numerous points on the album when the band stops, takes a breath, and enjoys the feeling of playing music, not just the theory of how to structure chords. To go along with the well written music, the listener is also treated to an incredibly well sounding production, which really brings out the little intriguing details in the music. Liminal is a grab bag of sounds that contains as much variety of influence as it does heart. If that’s okay with you, then listen, by all means. Very tasteful yet powerful, melodic and challenging. Modern bands such as Panzerballett, Planet X, The Gordian Knot, and Exivious took the jazz sound and slowly filtered in metal elements to a simply gorgeous result.

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Their self-titled debut hit the scene with exiviious force, sending ripples throughout the progressive metal community who immediately begged for more. Upon departing from Cynic, Kruidenier gathered a few Dutchmen limiinal guitarist Michel Nienhuis, who would later go on to form Dodecahedron to record Exivious’ self-titled debut, which showed some promise, even exivious liminal it did feel like a poor man’s Cynic.

Latest members reviews “Liminal” is an amazing album, if you give it some time and make it part of your life.

Forum user Forum password. Calculon with a review already, ma nigga Can’t wait to hear exivious liminal when I get home. Ulsect – Ulsect Exivious go to album. The album as a whole also features a great flow.

Exivious – Liminal (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

An exivious liminal brilliant release this one. Exivious masterfully play their exivious liminal. This is damn good. The tracks are generally very dynamic in nature, featuring both flashy fusion metal sections with blistering jazz scale guitar solos, but also more atmospheric and mellow parts. Quirky moments like “Triguna” especially its oddly satisfying and discordant finish and the alto saxophone solo on “Deeply Woven” keep the sound fresh and surprise the listener.


Disperse – Foreword Exivious. In a matter of days their goal was reached, and the band’s second album, Liminalwas set to be recorded.

Exivious – Liminal

Liminal Exivious Audio CD. A good mix is critical for an instrumental album, and thankfully Kruidenier did an excellent job. The rhythm section is equally as impressive. They even throw in a saxophone solo by Jonas Knutsson for good measure he also played in Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects. This is the first time that Liminla members have exivious liminal participated in the writing process, a change from the debut where the lion’s share of concepts and structures were written by Tymon and a beautiful job he did, too.

Liminal, Exivious’ highly anticipated second offering, is a exivious liminal and balanced hybrid of metal, exivious liminal, and liminall elements that simultaneously feels like a jam session and a professional recording. The music grabs holds and doesn’t let go. The band, when faced with this new element of their sound, immediately transform into a powerful rhythm section for a jazz combo and fill the saxophone part with a dense chord structure and syncopative rhythm.

It’s a shame that Exivious often squander their potential and just settle for directionless wank these days, because they’re still very capable of crafting a great song if they really wanted to.

Exivious – Liminal Review

This band has a penchant for creating groovy atmospheres that blow right over your head, but then come back exivious liminal smack you in the spine with their genius. On Traced in Air, Cynic used jazz fusion passages as a means to evoke a sense of calming otherworldliness.


If that’s okay with you, then listen, by all means. Everything just sound very natural and never forcedThe sound production is very strong and the songwriting intriguing and powerful. Exivious can sometimes come off as cold due to their very strong use of meticulously placed guitar lines, but the flawless saxophone part in this song adds a exivious liminal that is rarely heard in this breed of music.

Exivious also manage not to get get stuck in any form of this expansive sound for too long. Dropping off the gain and adding a touch of reverb emanate a ghostly whisper for quiet sections while inching it back up gives the guitar teeth and grip once more. This song was exigious of the singles the band released with the album, along with their more atmospheric “Movement,” and I was absolutely hooked when I heard this song.

More focused than the meandering nature of Trioscapes and more exivilus than the sometimes exiviohs pace of T. Results cached 12h Items ordered by ending time Showing exivious liminal 16 items.

A Digipak edition of ‘Liminal’ limited to the first pressing of the album. Track after track full of instrumental fireworks passes by, and the listener exivious liminal blown away time exivioud again by the fullness of the sound and the ease with which the band establishes an odd groove.