Arkhan takes all the dead from Nagashizzar and uses them to wreck Mahrak and Quatar with the help of some Tomb King traitors. Luthor Harkon’s pirate ships wreck the Nehekharan fleet and join forces with Mannfred’s army to push through Zandri. Each was healthy and hearty, the only sign of their future fate a birthmark with three lobes that each bore on their body. To make a brave last stand? When Nagash returns, he realizes that he has the Curse of Aenarion on him Since Aliathra isn’t really Finubar’s daughter but Tyrion’s , and thus can’t be a god

end times glottkin pdf

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Warhammer: The End Times – Thanquol by Games Workshop

All while this is happening, Karl Franz is still trying to get back home and gets discovered by the new Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic, Amber Wizard Gregor Martak, and his two-headed griffon. On the tabletop, the Glottkin fight as a single Special Character Monster, since Otto and Ethrac always ride little brother Ghurk into the fray.

This all wraps up when the various Vampires armies enter Nehekara.

end times glottkin pdf

The differences in the setting are way too numerous to list here, but the Age of Sigmar page will give you the details. Following the story of the Skaven as they burst forth upon the Warhammer world, no hold is secure, and no continent is safe from their pestilence and technology. As one would expect, Skub has been flying non-stop. Timothy Lind rated it really liked it Feb 09, Meanwhile Nagash gets his Black Pyramid destroyed by a skaven team led by Ikit Claw while busy fighting a horde of Nurglite daemons and undead the latter under the command of Isabella von Carstein, who was revived and brainwashed by Nurgle, much to Vlad’s distress.


The End Times

Basically, Nagash rises again fun times for the undead factionsthe Elven Civil War finally ends with surprising resultsthe Lady of the Lake is finally revealed to be Lileath but we knew that all along, didn’t we? Views Read Edit View history.

On the chopping block was every special character from 8th edition who did not have a model and even some ennd did right up until the finale where rocks fell and everyone died. Naturally, these revelations were quite a shock to all three flavors of Elf players.

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Warhammer: The End Times – Thanquol

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The End Times – Thanquol Warhammer: Love Can Bloomeven at the end of the world ironic that there’s more romance among the undead than there is among the living. Retrieved from ” https: Archaon, as previously stated, made the rules a complete free-for-all in terms of what models you can afford.

This distraction allows Bea’lakor to sneak in and strike a deal with Mannfred, exchanging the latter’s freedom for the chance to claim Lileath.

It doesn’t end well as the Goblins who are also robbing the place prove to be real sneaky and Neferata’s gotten rusty as a front-line commander. The Nurgle forces cause a hell of a lot of damage, including destroying several cities. Maximilian Surjadi rated it it was amazing Feb tikes, After trying to fight back agaisnt the forces of Chaos, Malekith salts the earth to abandon Naggaroth and leads one last push for the phoenix crown.


Martin to be the new writer for GW the way most characters die, but we’re not edn if GW is Awesome to do something like thatothers resurrected or brought back into modern fluff for the event.

end times glottkin pdf

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Marc Jones rated it snd it Feb 04, In particular the bulk of End Times: Feb 20, Marc rated it really liked it.

Glottkin – 1d4chan

Except the Lizardmenthe Skaven and Sigmar yes, Sigmar returns, big surprise. Derrick rated it really liked it Feb 27, The Chaos Gods ravaged the world until they became bored and focused on other Warhammer worlds, and the Warhammer Fantasy setting ended with a “mysterious figure” taking hold of the last speck of light and finding the core of a new world. Nagash backs off and Sigmar defeats Ka’bandha. With a whopping 18 wounds, healing d3 wounds per round, it is unlikely to be killed by the end of most battles.

How will it ever end?

end times glottkin pdf

Conor rated it it was amazing Apr 13, Non-official events shrugged and kept using the basic rules for the most part – the End Times books were expensive and unwieldy, and, if you ask some peoplefilled with issues and inconsistencies.