The rest of files is displayed as “generic” icons. If you have 64 bits, you can install Iconizer but not see the images in Windows Explorer. Allow at least a day or so, not sure where “they” are – so there must be a time zone issue. Also, it provides links to services like printing, editing or conversion of design in Embird software. Windows Explorer was renamed to File Explorer in Windows 8.

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This allows you to see icons of actual designs, not just generic icons as would embird iconizer without Iconizer. Hope that the above will help you. User Forum – Digitizing Tools. This embird iconizer contains some free. So they are already waking up there now. User Forum – Basic Embird.

See also tutorial at http: There are four commands available – “Open”, “Print”, “Convert” and “Edit”. Your Shopping Cart is Empty. They are in Bulgaria.


Embird Iconizer

User Forum – Digitizing Tools. Please see also FAQ regarding Iconizer at https: Video Tutorials on CD. Do you have Windows-7 32 bits or 64 bits? I have changed embird iconizer a new computer and have had iconized problem with uninstalling Embird and reinstalling on new one, except for some reason I can’t seem to get the Iconizer to work.

In case of embroidery files, Iconizer draws pictures of their content and sends them to Explorer to display either as icons or as thumbnails. The principle of Embird iconizer plug-in is simple: Embroidery file displayed on icon. Therefore, it supports the same embroidery formats as Embird software.

Iconizer – Troubleshooting

Registered Iconizer plug-in will show a small icon of the design contents instead Picture No. The rest embird iconizer files is displayed as “generic” icons. Go to options and click on iconizer settings Upgrade – How to? Whenever Windows needs to draw icon of embroidery file in any program or panel, Iconizer supplies image of design stored in this file. It is also possible to show or hide color list of the design.


Iconizer uses Embird’s library to read embroidery files. By continuing to browse the site you agree to our use of cookies to enhance your experience. It provides embid information about design like dimensions, stitch count and so on. User Forum – Basic Embird iconizer. Embroidery Files Conversion – Tutorial. Stock Designs for Embroidery Machines.

Iconizer – Troubleshooting

If you have the 32 bit edition, Iconizer should work. Back to Embird Tutorial Contents. Your Shopping Cart is Empty. Select larger size for better detail. Iconizfr must purchase and register the copy of Iconizer plug-in, otherwise only several icons will be showing designs contents.