I am not responsible for any kind of malfunctioning of program. AI teleporting to nearby units. Major tweak on item system. Fixed AI for the following: Minor tweak to laning system.

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Dota imba legends ve AI+

Leshrac’s Dota imba map 3.79 ai now use Edict and Nova properly Applied the “free mode” to AI’s scroll of town portal supposedly decrease tp-cancel probability. Minor tweak on ganking behaviour. Decreases buyback cd by 7s.

Disable with command -aimsg during the game. This is for FUN only. All heroes now have complete AI. The Brewmaster gains evasion; everytime he successfully evades an attack, he temporarily gains movement and attack speed. Meepo clones using BoT Tweaked: Fixed disconnecting bug on multiplayer. At Levels 3 and 4, Spirit Wolves gain Rush. Added a filter check for channeling skills during important and key AI decisions Passively increases his movement speed by Welcome to the latest official AI DotA custom map.


New AI auto-Roshan system.

Nerfed the following hero AI: All content from 6. Venge’s Nether Swap targetting creeps Fixed: Disable with command -aimsgmiss during the game.

Minor tweak on Storm’s ulti mechanism.

Dota imba AI 3.79c

Akasha not using ulti. Added -cneu same function as -cneut Bonus damage now works in the day. Completely rewritten defense system, lvl. Extra vision over secret shops fixed New debug command: Fixed problems with Exorcism and Attendants again, but now working better.

Fixed AI Hero inconsistencies when running away on low health. Fixed Scourge AI going to forbidden lanes specified by -nm -nt -nb Fixed: Fixed AI strange behavior caused by Wand. Item builds by Green Added: Note about AI itembuild error: Added tango and sentry ward as substitutable items for TP, remodelled the function to allow easier substitute.

DotA IMBA AI 3.81 English Stable

Fixed Kaldr’s not recognizing IceBlast order when cota are other heroes with same order. AI teleporting to nearby units. Popular Posts DotA 6. Minor tweak to various hero AI. Fixed AI Actions board from colliding with -ii Fixed Techies remote mine not detonating, allowed 2 remote to detonate against creeps.