But, you know, just working with Clock and hearing those sounds with our music, it opens up the scope for us. One of the biggest tracks for is coming from South Africa. Sandiso Ngubane 14 May A couple of names came up, but the band settled on DJ Clock as they were already fans of his. Watershed political wars lie ahead. Asked if the reception to Pluto has not influenced their sound, Field says it would be silly of any artist not to learn from what works once the music goes out to the market. Pluto , arguably the biggest song in the country right now, is a unifying dance floor filler and It song of the radio waves by newcomers Beatenberg in collaboration with DJ Clock.

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Very emotional track with irresistible rhythm and funky groove that manage easily to absorb you in its microworld and start daydreaming your summer holidays.

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The album will be available for pre-order on iTunes from the May Then comes the dramatic thump and drumming so characteristic of South African house music … and then a smooth, crooning voice joins in on the melody. One of the biggest tracks for is coming from South Africa. It would eventually happen at a later stage after the record label intervened.

Predatory Facebook is an illusory friend that uses you. Not all are destined for number one spots, but at the very least these types of collaborations expose artists to new audiences. Universal Music label executive Neil Sinclair first suggested the collaboration.


DJ Clock ft Beatenberg “Pluto” (Remember You) Official Music Video with subtitles | Amara

Watershed political wars lie ahead. Flux BPM Online The land hearings of were fraught, emotive discussions of a matter of national importance.

National Lester Kiewit No other song has been so successful run in the South African Radio: I think trying to recreate Pluto is going to fail. Education Bongekile Macupe Push Studios 2 M. Bhekisisa Joan van Dyk Beatenberg has secured his place in the African music history: After Echoes came Chelsea Blakemorea song written by Field that has spawned several remixes by independent producers.

Sci-tech Pieter Henning The gentle strumming of the guitar strings calls out gently, teasing you out of your dj clock and beatenberg pluto and on to your feet.

Track of the Day: DJ Clock feat. Beatenberg – Pluto (Maramza Remember Remix)

Although the band makes it clear that Pluto had long been recorded when Spin My World Around was released, there is no denying that it replicates the magic collaborative formula of the hit.

Create Account Lost Your Password? Sandiso Ngubane 14 May First of all the magnificent Austrian duo FlicFlac service the deep eclectic house remix with chunky grooves, deep basslines, rock guitar riffs, cinematic strings and most importantly the brilliant vocals that stay in your mind once you hear them. Politics Paddy Harper Clifton beach security company ‘eff’d’ up again’ — City. Since 17 weeks at 1 on the airplay clocm and no end in sight!


The relatively unknown Beatenberg acknowledge that the collaboration with DJ Clock has been a mutually beneficial career move, snd in terms of making music in a deeply segmented market where crossover hits — let alone artists — are quite rare. The wrong way is being greedy and trying dj clock and beatenberg pluto do another Pluto. It finds out all about you without your knowledge, to control you for its profit.

Song of the Day: Dj Clock feat Beatenberg – Pluto | MyCityByNight

The band had flown to Johannesburg for what was supposed to be a recording session, but returned to Cape Town without having recorded with Clock. As a collective, Beatenberg started recording independently around and have put songs out previously online. Feel good remixes that will turn this track into the huge mainstream hit all ane the world and maybe the biggest South African single plut the history of pop music.

Western Disco remix continues on the same deep house path way. National Lucas Ledwaba