Voodoo Mon Amour FullMetalAttorney , July 17th, Can you believe that 18 musicians worked on this? It’s not a ground-breaking departure from previous works, but hey, you won’t hear any complaints from me. However, this review is for people who “get” Diablo’s sound.

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It’s perfect because they sound exactly like a band with that name should sound. Operatic singing, a very swing-y opener, downtuned or 7 string guitars, whimsical songwriting, and occasionally progressive leanings, with the new element of an active brass section added.

Diablo Swing Orchestra – Pandora’s Piñata Review | Angry Metal Guy

The reason is simple: Everyone involved must have been bribed heavily in order to put orcyestra names on this because it is bad enough to completely write off everything else they will do musically for swinh rest of their lives.

If you like Pandora’s Pinata, you may also like: Putting such concepts as “avant-garde metal” and “predictable” in the same sentence rochestra sound like an oxymoron, in particular when talking about Diablo Swing Orchestrathe by now well-known Swedish ensemble who built a whole career upon their eclecticism pimata blend of diverse musical styles. ApteronotusAugust 17th, Therefore, it’s not surprising that, while achieving really remarkable and enjoyable results in the few new experimentations some electronica and even dubstep in Black Box Messiah and Justice For Saint Mary respectivelythe album sounds like a bit of a let down on the well known territories, which simply get boosted and further expanded to the point of becoming unpleasantly prolix.

Yet, those who expect true novelty in what they listen to will surely wonder whether it was the case to record a whole new album of old-fashioned but pumped up songs, play their first record when they’re in the mood of good genuine Diablo Swing Diablo swing orchestra pandora pinata music and keep looking elsewhere for new fresh songs.


I have never heard anything worse in my entire life. Every last second of this album is unbearable and entirely devoid of any artistic merit. For a band that is so left-field and “out there” stylistically, DSO are very consistent. Justice For Saint Mary Tags black death doom extreme metal thrash Wallingford.

So expect more orchesta of brass instruments, swng in the way the diablo swing orchestra pandora pinata and contrabass were on their previous works.

That is, I’m aiming this review at their target audience. Maybe a theremin synth pad somewhere. They’ve also ofchestra recorded an album that’s this much fun.

Diablo Swing Orchestra – Pandora’s Piñata Review

I can understand saing that would happen — it took me a while to fully soak this band’s sound up, and I will be the first to say that for all their stylistic reportiore, DSO is not for everyone, and this album further proves that.

There simply is no better-named band than Diablo Swing Orchestra. FrozenFearDecember 27th, Instead, it seems like all of the disparate elements belong together.

It is easily the most fun you’ll have with metal this year. The drumming is superb here, with multiple polyrhythms and a gauntlet of daunting fusions. But after all, being a fan of avant-garde metal bands sounds more cool and intellectual than some diablo swing orchestra pandora pinata gothic or symphonic trinkets, so on the one hand the general public will be more prone to overlooking the repetitiveness and mannerism of Diablo Swing Orchestra’s new repertoire because of they’re eiablo diablo swing orchestra pandora pinata brilliant background, while on the other hand their less demanding and die-hard fans will enjoy it anyways.


Unless, of course, you’re less interested in profits and more into your own artistry and orchdstra development. Bandcamp Album of the Day May 3, Likewise, if you are already a fan of DSO, you will continue to be one.

Black Box Messiah Write your own review. You can Google it easily. Let’s break that down: It’s the case of such tracks as Vodoo Mon Amour and Exit Strategy Of A Wrecking Balla typical representation of the band’s current mannerism to the point of sounding like bland outtakes from their previous records, and the unbearable Aurorawhich continues the operatic parenthesis of D’Angelo taking it to its most garish, almost self parodistic extent.

What a time to be alive!

Pandora’s Pinata | Candlelight Records UK

Purchasable with gift card. If you do not like such harsh fusions of xwing styles all into one helluva strange concoction, this album will not change your views. There’s bits of swing, some violin, metal and.