Barbie is intent on getting back to searching, and soon you get right back to it. Play it in the VHS, and you’ll see a recording of the culprit locking Ken away somewhere. Video Tape A security tape that the suspect had stolen to cover his tracks. Requires the player to have the Crowbar. However, he’d been stashed away for some time now, and couldn’t have been leaving some of the last clues Barbie found. Well, not glad that he’s gone.

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The fall carnival has come to town, and Barbie’s boyfriend Ken in charge of the finances-money which will be donated to charity. Detdctive on, let’s go. Attached to the stuffed bunny that lowers when someone wins the game. Passive rides play out like a cutscene and don’t require any input from the player. Can you maybe come back later? Add the first question.

Detective Barbie: Mystery of the Carnival Caper (Video Game ) – IMDb

Do you have a couple of minutes? You can use the arrows to scroll through all the clues you’ve found, all the conversations you’ve had with suspects, and all the tools you’ve collected. Movement in Detective Barbie is a bit more complicated than it needs to be for a game like this, but don’t worry too much. Active rides are like minigames, and are how the player catches the suspect.


You’ll tell me dstective the police detective barbie in the mystery of the carnival caper you learn anything. Edit Details Official Sites: It’s located in Area 2 of the carnival. It’s located in Area 3 of the carnival. She can be found in her dressing room backstage at the Mstery Show, but isn’t always around. The tools you pick up will also be listed in the Crime Computer, and you can access them here to use in the main game.

If a clue points here, you’ll always have to get on the ride, as there are no possible locations for clues to appear if the trail leads here. Barbie grabs him by the back of the collar and gives him a nice scolding.

Barbie is intent on getting back to searching, and soon you get right back to it. In this tbe all the clues will be hidden inside or under things, so you’ll have to put your magnifying glass to work to find handprints. Let’s move, we gotta save Ken!

Detective Barbie: Mystery of the Carnival Caper critique

Detectivd, being both the owner and an act, he has more preparations to make than anyone at the carnival, so the most he can do to help is give a little time to chat. Inside a spotlight backstage. Jake voice Michael McGaharn There will be no clues from here on, as you can pick up the suspect’s trail of footprints as soon as you return.


If you’re really stumped, I suggest heading over to section [BD-8]. It’s very unlikely the trail of clues will lead you to every location in a single playthrough. Madame Wanda voice Daniel Hagen On the bench next to the entrance.

By some unexplained miracle Ken managed to figure out where the crook was heading each time, and left clues around so Barbie could follow them. To find clues, just click on them. What do you mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The unsightly characters, the haunting music and the eerie handprints and footprints that appear through the scenes really work to build mysrery dark tone and atmosphere. Share this Rating Title: Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Inside the clock on the wall.