Valley of the Forgotten PC. On top of your crew, which is made up of six distinct archetypes, you’re able to stop onward-marching foes with spells. Log in to finish rating Defender’s Quest: PlayStation Vita , Xbox One. Overall Defender’s Quest is just a bad game. The story is outright terrible, cliched in every sense of the word and told in the most uninspired and lazy “Penny Arcade talking heads” method imaginable.

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The end result is a cast you’re somewhat attached to and an incentive to replay levels for the sake of grinding. Those not immune to the sickness eventually turn into savage creatures who hunt down the living together as a hive mind led by a powerful being. It’s no accident valle Defender’s Quest is incredibly fun to play. Defender’s Vaalley is a triumphant blending of RPG and tower defense and should provide plenty of entertainment for fans of both genres.

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If you have any interest at all in vorgotten tower defense genre, you owe it to yourself to check this one out. Surprisingly, the level-to-level difficulty is quite balanced despite all of these extra moving parts. Level Up Labs Frgotten Personally, I’ve spent more than 12 hours going back to complete perfect runs on every stage. Red Dead Redemption 2.


Log in to finish rating Defender’s Quest: Horrible, horrible writing and dialogue for all characters and sequences. You should strongly consider joining me.

Defender’s Quest

Thanks to an intriguing story and a quesh and satisfying gameplay, the game will appeal to all those who love strategy games, even with its lack of diversity in enemies. Trust me, the mechanics and even the soundtrack, which is at the very least fitting for the old-school aesthetic, more than make up for it. On that note, you’re also given a tremendous amount of control when it comes to the game’s speed.

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Generally unfavorable reviews – based on 8 Ratings. I don’t understand any praise this game receives. I would argue that tower defense games can readily get away this without receiving many complaints, since the act of massacring enemy troops tends to keep us distracted. All this publication’s reviews Read full review. I backed Double Fine Adventure and Awesomenauts: You are logged out.

The developers put thought into the little touches and it makes all the difference. Certain genres more than others can be forgiven when skimping on narrative. It may look simple and retro, but the forgottej is among the best, the music is very good, and the humor is a nice touch. I am a tactics game defenders quest valley of the forgotten, this isn’t exactly a tactics game but a valkey defense game where you use characters for your towers.


But really, these are minor complaints. When recruiting more of them from towns, falley can customize their appearances, and there’s weapons and armor to buy as well. No score yet defeders based on 2 Critics Awaiting 2 more reviews What’s this? A-Z Index Worst Games of Only one flaw is graphics which really don’t like.

Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

Level Up Labs Release Date: Overall Defender’s Quest is just a bad game. The team behind it clearly had an appreciation for the genre and knew how to offer something familiar yet fresh.

You can go back and try to beat maps on harder difficulties.