Hell Yeah, Oh Yeah. Styles East Coast Rap. While the intentions were very respectful and respect deserving, just the title is giving ” Let’s Talk About It T. Shut Da Fuck Up feat. While the beat here is a little less impressive, the two cats are ripping everything in sight into shreds anyways, with Ras making every line a punchline, and Jayo not being reduced to play hypeman. Hip hop was way different back then.

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Thug Love Vernon Brown. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. And just like all them hater elitists, Da Beatminerz don’t seem to be too content with this, hence they promise us to take it back, back to the boom bap, with their album.

As you should have already read herethese two tracks weren’t the best of offerings, hence the bad sentiment that was paving da beatminerz brace 4 impak way for this. The beat features a familiar sample, what doesn’t really help the cause, but especially What What is again showing her enormous amount of skills.

So in total this album is by far better than all them opinions told you it is. People might also have some trouble with accepting the many tracks that lean in the direction of club friendly, while not being reducingly made for such. Pete Rock remains in the back for the big part, with then adding his thoughts on the game and his love for the game.

Brace 4 Impak

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. The track is classic NBN though, this da beatminerz brace 4 impak straight for the sing along chorus, with the lyrics showing love, asking for love, and making you wanna give love. The Anti-Love Movement feat. How We Ride feat. All those fortunate enough to already be nodding their heads in the early 90s know that life isn’t the same anymore.


This goes for the straight up ‘don’t mess with me rhetoric’, a topic that is furthered on the latter track as well.

Now not to forget we get an almost mostly R’n’B offering when Caron Wheeler who everyone should know for her classic singing on “Back To Life” is lending her voice to ” Open “.

‎Brace 4 Impak by Da Beatminerz on Apple Music

Remix ” a sour taste. Because you don’t have to look far for some really dope treats. Streams Videos All Posts. The beat is also not helping, as it’s chaotic, with different elements sometimes trying to do the same, at the same time.

As previously evidenced on War Zoneon Brace their signature sound of heavy drum kick drops and sparse, crackling snares seems to have been transformed into a more muddy-sounding style.

And so it is getting confusing and ill structured. Giving more female emcees the chance to rep, another ill collabo can be heard, when Apani B.

More by Da Beatminerz

Further not succeeding too well is Tefelar Cordell’s ” Ghetto da beatminerz brace 4 impak Ghetto “that uses the “Wild Style” beat, and this time it’s the one time too often we hear it being used. This tracks is another one of the real bangers on here, with the two imak sounding good together and the beat taking us the few years back, that we so dearly miss.


The final two cuts bring in some theme with “Let’s Talk About It,” a memorial to fallen rappers, and the scintillating “Ghetto da beatminerz brace 4 impak Ghetto,” with a sample from the intro to Nas ‘ Illmatic album. In a way, back then, artists achieved to create something closing in on the perfect blueprint of what hip hop was supposed to be. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Let’s Talk About It. Billy Flames Shadez Of Brooklyn. At least not in a hip hop kind of way.

The first is going even further back thanas an old school sample is quickening things, having the two cats spit in a pace making them sound even more mipak as they would have anyways. There’s still plenty of good hip hop nowadays, but damn, those early 90s still seem to brae an essence that has been lost ever since.

However, especially “Take That” can easily and comfortably be considered the worst track on here with a close second being ” Hell, Oh Yeah ” feat. How We Ride J. While the beat here is a little less impressive, the two cats are ripping everything in sight into shreds anyways, with Ras making every line a punchline, and Jayo not being reduced to play hypeman.

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