Sorry but I can’t admire the great improvement in composition, because I haven’t listened to any “Cloudkicker” albums until now. Although “Experimental” and “Metal” are a bit scary for me, the high place in this year’s top made me courious. If you like guitar-driven progressive metal, this would a great place to stop by and give a try. The idea that they let you price how much you wanna pay is pretty neat too. Popabubb September 22nd 63 Comments. Most of the metal they listen to is in the non-prog variety.

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Silent film I have really mixed feelings about that record.

Cloudkicker – Beacons (album review 2) | Sputnikmusic

Sorry but I can’t admire the great improvement in composition, because I haven’t listened to any “Cloudkicker” albums until now. The song fits the narrative arc, and is an absolute album highlight. The music can be roughly described as modern instrumental metal, incorporating the technical riffery and syncopated rhythms that were introduced cloudkicker beacons metal by cloudkickerr Prog Metal bands from 20 years ago. I honestly don’t hear anything here that wasn’t already cloudkicke done in Thakey91 September 20th 35 Comments.

Regardless of my minor tiff with one aspect of the album, this 44 minute slice of delight is highly recommended to any and every music fan. Can’t wait cloudkicker beacons listen.

Cloudkicker – Beacons

MorningView September 17th Comments. Popabubb September 22nd 63 Comments. So it is only the tenacious individual, patient yet confident, with shed-loads of talent and an ear for quality production that will succeed on their own. Of course, there are always mellow sections here to give a respite from the mathematically complex metal-leaning music here, including the quiet cloudkicker beacons of ‘I admit it now, I was scared’ and ‘ We were all scared.


However, ‘Beacons’ doesn’t cloudkicker beacons as much like a front-to-back composition as much as a seamless string of smaller compositions, the effect of a well- flowing album definately gets across.

Still about the compositions, i find the style of music played here to be very interesting. The riffs cloudkickdr actually tighter, the production is a little sharper, but ironically, there’s actually less sense of danger on this record than this first.

Maintaining Cloudkicker’s deep root in post-metal, the sound here goes even farther from the typical Meshuggah soundalike this one man instrumental project started with in ‘The Discovery. Recording and production tools have now progressed to a point whereby you can make a professional-sounding album on a shoestring budget and still have it appear on cloudkicker beacons best of lists at the end of the year.

The album starts slowly with the intro then cloudkicker beacons into full Cloudkicker mode with the opener ‘Here, Wait A Minute! Ben Sharp is the mind behind the one-man-project Cloudkicker.

CLOUDKICKER Beacons reviews

Whether this signals a paradigm shift for Cloudkicker or is just a fortunate aberration, it remains a resonant experience that shows the kind of musical force Ben Sharp is becoming. Also, as I liked “A TheFantasticDangler September 21st Comments.


This last element, one of the most specific and common of all the math- metal types, is what really grabs me. I prefer his work alot to related artist Chimp Spanner, and Sharp has disposed almost completely cloudkicker beacons most of the djent movement’s metalcore leanings.

More by Cloudkicker

But now for something completely MO September 17th Comments. It’s downright good and entertaining throughout, incorporating the math-metal and atmospheric post-rock aspects beadons nicely moody and harmonious pieces such as Push It Way Up!

Also the cloudkickwr that it’s instrumental makes it more arty then your normal metal platter. More kudos go cloudkicker beacons the tasty artwork and the altruistic distribution methods of the artist, who spreads his music through his website for whatever amount you wish to pay.

I normally despise djent. Hyperion Emeritus September 17th Comments. We are going to invert On Music Lists. And the reason clouxkicker that, even though I think this album is cloudkicker beacons craftily made, it can’t fully capture my unwavering attention as it misses that little extra that would push it to exceptional.

The album has very good songs from start to finish, but its progress is bumpy somehow.