Thanks for the awesome reaction on our ticket sales! Great, to have fans like you! Old Tucson is followed by the Sonora Celtic Fair, where we are invited already the 4th time in 5 years. It was again a wonderful experience: Looking back, you can see that Celtica is definitely a constantly touring band: We are very glad that last weekend we could perform our th show and that we have got more than

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We finish the phantastic season in Europe with a little Germany tour Illingen, Potsdam and Worpswede.

Celtica Pipes Rock!

It is available at a slightly reduced celtica pipes rock —as it is celtica pipes rock mid January- directly at Karin Schedler, karin. Last weekend was the 1st Celtica-show in Europe in We are very glad that last weekend we could perform our th show and that we have got more than We want to thank all promoters, who have booked us, all musicians, who shared the stage with us, all sound- and light technicians and all stage hands, who have worked at our concerts, all media for writing reviews and spreading the word, but most of all we want to celtic YOU, our amazing fans, who came to our concerts, who bought our CDs and DVD, and who give us such a wonderful support all over the world: Le Canard Folk, Belgium: We gonna rock this historic town!


Just follow this link: The 1 rick page is just general information, press continue. We are glad to be back at Tucson in a few days: We will shipp all pre-orders in Europe on Mon.

Celtica Pipe Rock

The video will be released in something like 4 celtica pipes rock. Since several weeks Celtica is in contact with Mrs. Celhica we got asked if we could come one day celtiac to Dortmund and perform an additional day at the Phantastische Lichter Weihnachtsmarkt. We played the tune live while the video was projected on a huge video screen. After a few pretty stressful hours we could confirm -at least partly: Thank you Infinity Music Hall for such a warm welcome!

Maybe for the public winter and eve the last weeks looked pretty quiet, but behind the scenes it was and still is a extremely busy time.

Thank you for coming to our hundreds of concerts, for thousands of FB-followers and for the millions of people watching ce,tica videos! Within the next days we will start to take pre-orders. With unbelievable musicality and passion Maestro Concetta Anastasi led the top class musicians the way to celtica pipes rock right interpretation of the arrangements. You will get a confirmation email from celtic-rock.

Celtica Pipes Rock! | AKG life

Thank you so much for watching our Videos, this is such a great motivation to keep making new videos! Telegram for Monsieu Verne. Also the already paid orders participate a this raffle, and it is per ticket celtica pipes rock more tickets ordered the higher the chances….


In my car the sound was absolutely brilliant, fat beats, clear sound —…goosebumps! Great venue, brilliant crew and an amazing audience — we gladly come back any time…! Looking forward to Play many shows in the future and to reach the celtica pipes rock mark!

A band, that is setting the benchmark in the scene, creates a new genre: Be the first to receive the DVD and to experience this outstanding show! We are looking forward to see all fans and friends again in ! The big party finale is 2 days St.

Jane, all the best, we all hope that you can rrrock with us soon again! If you like to watch the video: We gladly come back any time. Thank you to all fans and friends for your support, we hope to see you at our next shows!

It was an incredible experience to see and hear the arrangements celtica pipes rock alive in spite of all language-problems and the different approach of Rock- and classical trained pipss.