Smosh is a web-based comedy duo consisting of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. I’m a Cod Pro. Ready for War Dsr Rap. Sick With the Sticks feat. Cod Vs Halo Rap Battle. Cod Black Ops 2 Rap.

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Go Cops Rucka Rucka Ali 1. Hzlo vs Cod Rap Battle. He is sometimes referred to as the shorter, smarter, more devious, dangerous and funnier one.

All I See Is Red.

Sick With It Dirty. Rucka Rucka Ali 0. YouTube Troll Diss – Rko. Songs from Similar Artists. The Key of Awesome 0.

Halo 4 Rap

Call of Duty vs Halo Rap Hhalo. Just One More Game. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Rap. Igor, better known by his artist name TryHardNinja, is a YouTube-based singer who releases video game inspired music. The Annoying Orange 0.

Listen to Bryan “BrySi” Simon

Hecox has a genius level IQ which he rarely puts to good use. Droppin in Fortnite Rap. Bieber Vs Master Chief. Anthony Padilla is one half the duo known as Smosh. You’ll never know until you try.


BrySi – Snipers Are Wussies.

Dunkirk the Musical Logan Hugueny-Clark 1. Sick With It Clean.

I Got My Ak12 feat. I Just Got Griefed. Splinter Cell Rap – Blacklist feat. He has received over million hits on YouTube with parodies such as “Go Cops!

Video Game Music – Volume Two. I’m A Gamer Rock Remix. Cod Black Ops 2 Rap. I’m a Call of Duty Pro. No Brains for Brysi halo 4 Zombies. Grand Theft Auto 5 Rap. He is a serous body builder and a runner-up in the ’98 Mr.

Asleep In Your Arms. Punched In The Balls.