I can’t get used to that modern approach, and that’s why I don’t like that release much. With an awesome sounding low end almost thrash-like guitar riff to open the track and get your head banging, the song continues to impress with its bombastic nature, excellent vocals and catchiness throughout. I think Bloodbound are just naturals at writing great vocal melodies, as each one is dramatic and engaging, automatically memorable. Originally written for www. And that’s generally what to expect from each track: The tunes that follow, “Reflections Of Evil”, “In For The Kill”, and all the way to the end with the darker “Unholy Cross”, including the ballad “Brothers Of War” and the hyper-melodic “The Dark Side Of Life”, always show a band capable of composing memorable songs with enough variation so they won’t fall into the dark pit of the speed cliche, creating a perfect mix of power and melodic metal. I find stuff like this hard to get into occasionally, but “Unholy Cross” gets the job done, quicker and more effectively than what most would expect.

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I recommend it for every metalhead. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Every song boasts a massive chorus, which can easily send your fist into the air and have you singing aloud.

From power ballad, slower and faster songs, to extremely face-melting blazing songs. Brothers Of Bloodbound unholy cross is the only pure power ballad.

Originally written for www. He sounds manly enough, although there are some moments where his voice is unnecessarily over-soaring. Both of the Olsson brothers are just fantastic players, and can apparently wing out killer riffs and leads like they were born to do it. A slower track, but quicker than a typical ballad, has Dream Evil and early Hammerfall written all over it, with big bloodbound unholy cross during the chorus and an uplifting feel throughout.

The reason I would put it to would be the excellent guitar work of brothers Tomas and Henrik Olsson, with creative power chords, riffs, licks, shreds and solos driving each track on the CD.


Bloodbound – Unholy Cross – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Unholy Cross is an undoubtedly solid album, packed full of power metal anthems all of a similarly great quality. This review was written for: The compositions are simple, but the songs ungoly work with them anyway, and the experience is one of undoubtable bliss.

One thing I really like that this band does is bloodbound unholy cross they let their riffs really cook and play out, hitting the listener with the crsos attack they can muster. There simply won’t be a single song that won’t stick in your head right away on this whole album where Bloodbound kick you in the balls and say they can play whatever they damn well want to.

I’ve always enjoyed this band, and thought ‘s Tabula Rasa was unho,y superb album, bloodbound unholy cross finest to date and one of my highlights of the year.

They bloodbound unholy cross more notable on Tabula Rasa. Unholy Cross could be likewise pegged as a return to form of sorts for a band that still seems to be struggling with what exactly that form happens to be. This studio album is full of surprises. The songs pound out of your speakers with big, heavy riffs, intricate leadwork that wraps around them like silky Christmas ribbons and marching, militaristic tempos, sometimes stodgy and rhythmic like the marches of loyal soldiers, other times rapid and unruly like the fire of a machine gun.

This is unchained, nationalistic, mincing power metal which shakes the roots of Valhalla and the fiery chambers of Hell.


Urban Breed’s self-imposed career of vocal croas led him on a Trail Of Murder of sorts pun intendedleaving the Olsson brothers and company to pick up the pieces yet again, which bloodbound unholy cross resulted in turning back the clock a couple years and jettisoning the current yet derivative and mechanically progressive character that made Tabula Rasa an inferior product. And that’s generally what to expect from each track: Book Of The Dead is their most original power metal studio album, besides Tabula Rasa of course but Tabula Rasa is progressive metalthat’s why I made this comparison.


These guys make power metal like it should have been – intense, powerful, creative, massive, technical, etc. In more of an old school nod that is somewhat similar to the band’s debut, Bloodbound opts to go for a middle paced bludgeoning to kick things off, culminating blpodbound three powerhouse sing-along anthems in “Moria”, “Drop The Bomb” and the somewhat slower but still killer “The Ones We Left Behind”.

Bloodbound unholy cross fact, his inspiring register nails notes of all elevations, yet at the same time he keeps the darkened theme alive and certainly at its strongest. All of their solos are perfect except Tabula Rasawhich is a rare thing. Some of them have to grow on listener, and that will keep you glued to this release.

When you look at Bloodbound’s lineup you will notice that they have keyboardist Fredrik Bergh. How can one forget those head-crushing riffs bloodbound unholy cross epic chorus at unhily beginning, and the rest of the song as well. After weaker progressive metal album Tabula Rasa, Bloodbound realized they should return to their power metal sound, and they did it. How they can top this, I don’t know, but I’m almost certain they will.

EmpyrealMarch 26th, Behind the microphone, Patrik Johansson Dawn Of Silence suits to perfection the band’s return to the past with a tone higher than Urban Bloodbound unholy cross and enormous melodic potential that’s a bit gritty as well.

Patrik Johansson is the new singer, straight out of Dawn of Silence, and he crss outdoes himself here. It is great representative song for this release, that’s why it appeared first on YouTube.