TechJamaica is the online resource of technology information, news, events and discussion forums focusing on technology in the Jamaican environment. Seriously Verizon, what gives? Forum Theme By Technidev. We got to fully test out a Verizon Storm2 running on a bit old? If you rotate the phone, you will see what I am talking about as they still haven’t fixed it. Get Daily Updates Want our updates sent directly to your e-mail?

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It caught us off guard and we could only take the shots with an original Storm1 how ironicso we apologize for the fuzzy images. When you get the app you start out with 15 different positions.

Get Daily Updates Want our updates sent directly to your e-mail? Never used but i will now I did not know of it’s existence until now This SmartWatch will be made for other smartphones as well!

It is pretty neat actually.

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Blackberry Master Control Program Updated! This image was taken today! So what does this software allow you to do? From what has appeared on the Verizon device blog for the BlackBerry Storm2, looks like this device will officially launch on October 28th! It was taken down due to the landscape view not working correctly. Sex Positions App for BlackBerry. You won’t hear things moving around if you shake it as you would with Storm1.


Releasing Sunday congrol Monda InterType is a software application which allows you to enter text in languages not readily available as keyboard layouts for your BlackBerry such as Russian, Greek, Turkish, Bulgarian and others. This just in from one of our ninjas.

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In this pamphlet you see the Storm2’s accessories, chords, nationwide regional support, and more. We’re not sure when the SmartWatch will be released, but when we find out, so will you. All times are GMT More photos after break The main reason we couldn’t resist touching this bad-boy is the mystery that surrounds the currently in Verizon testing Android device.

Well, at least learning how to play. So you click install, it takes you to the BlackBerry page where you agree to the User Agreement and it prompts you to download. Bold Official Video.

You probably saw the image that CrackBerry posted blackberrh the SmartWatch render. The only advertising we could find was the current “love” campaign we saw at the U2 concert. Here is a pic of my blackberry taken this evening with the program I did a bit of editing with snagit Enter your email address: Torch Clear Screen Protector. Newer Posts Older Posts Home.


The Storm2 came with a pre-installed Microsoft Bing launcher bye bye Google? Give detailed info about ur mobile unit when it is connected to ur pc via progrm Can load. Learn the “Lotus Posture”, “Union of the Bull”, and many more from the ancient and wise text. Might have seen a similar looking pic like this on CrackBerry.