An Exceptional Achievement by: The article also highlight the issue of selling Pakistani passports to Burmese refugees in Saudi Arabia and have them settled in Karachi, Sindh. His political mistakes, particularly the warmth he showed to the dictator General Zia ul Haq and formation of MQM was criticized. Link to first qist is given below Courtesy: The article demands that all those employees of Pakistani Embassy, who are involved in the illegal selling of Pakistani passports should be tried and sentenced to life imprisonment if found guilty.

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The contribution of G. Urdu ko Urdu kay doston say bachao! The Bookmark is available from my web page www. The total income from the oil and gas produced in Sindh in the last five years has been 8 kharab, 45 arab, 43 crore, and 50 lakh. Munawar Laghari Washington, DC: The facts and Figures presented in the article are based on the answers given by various ministers in the National Assembly of Pakistan and Pakistani Senate.


The fast take over by private school systems such Citizen Foundation of education has made Urdu and English as primary medium-of-instruction in large cities and towns of Sindh while leaving the Sindhi language on backbenches. Just imagine what could have been done to alleviate poverty, increase educational opportunities, improve health care, and create jobs in rural Sindh if Sindh was allowed the full benefit from the income from its oil and gas resources.

He has also expressed that for him it will be a great chance to see every one in person. I have been working with this goal in mind since last almost quarter of a century. You all probably already are aware about the consensus of the experts that to take full advantage of computer technology it is imperative that people should be able to use it in their own language.


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Once again, Sindhis of Washington DC were fortunate to spend a delicious evening with two visitors of Sindh. Gul Agha This is an unmitigated disaster for all. Long Live Sindh and the world! People sing songs of Shah Latif in this area. This was rather a surprise to some including me as our observations were that there was a immense shortage of Sindhi-medium schools in large cities of Sindh such as Karachi, Hyderabad, and even in Larkano.

The illegally obtained domicile certificates are used by non-Sindhis to get employment against the quota established for Sindhis. Sindh will always be indebted to this man of Sindhi computing, who had put the Sindhi language in the forefront in the list of languages in the sub-continent. The proposed sessions at the convention include the general body session, a special session on Sindhi Youth and future of SANA, economic and political situation in Sindh, Sindhi identity and the role of Aseen maro lar ja by amir shah Diaspora, sessions for ladies, medical seminar and the literary session, Sindhi Adabi Mehfil.

Following are the excerpt of the article. aseen maro lar ja by amir shah

asaan maro lar ja KTN Mp4 HD Video WapWon

The focus of this article on the economic plight and discrimination in hiring of Sindhis in federal jobs. PR- June TX: Protest rally against the target killing of Baloch politician in London Baloch Human Rights Council and World Sindhi Congress are jointly holding a peaceful protest rally in front of British prime minister official residence at 10 Downing Street, London on Sunday 25 July at 2.


At eighty-plus the Professor continues to discourse on social, religious and other poignant issues. Sindhi Sindhi Web Keyboard: Link to first qist is given below.

aseen maro lar ja by amir shah Mp4 HD Video WapWon

Another topic of discussion centered on contributions and political mistakes of G. The Tarbela and Mangla to be dismantled so Indus can flow again. Its annual convention is the most popular and a major community event attended by a large number of people. Seven million with Hepatitis?

Syed through his writings primarily through his books had played a major role in the awakening of Sindhis to realize that they were a distinct nation were lauded at the gathering. His mrao mistakes, particularly the warmth he showed to the dictator General Zia ul Haq and formation of MQM was criticized. She begs before stranger men, Offer alms to your people! Indeed, it was an evening of Sindhiat that kept me awake long after we left the katchahery and said good by to our Sindhi visitors.

Please convey this message to as many friends and mailing lists as possible amur promote extensive use of Sindhi. Out of 34 Directors only two are Sindhis.