With an avalanche of untruth as they did in my case by moving a motion to arrest me, while overlooking the inciting statements made by General Buhari and his Gambari goons — the Senate treaded the path of moderation and investigative inquest and referred the matter to a fact-finding Committee set up to brief it on its findings so it can take appropriate action. You are commenting using your Google account. We know that the creator of all things does not support injustice and oppression. Now, where is the truth? I call on all Rivers people to come out en mass and let the new Speaker inform us when the Rivers State House of Assembly will be sitting…I also call on the Nigeria Police force to immediately apprehend Mr.

asari dokubo press conference video

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Otelamba Dan Amachree, the former Speaker was escorted presx of the hallowed chambers of the Rivers State House of Assembly, by a non-commissioned Sergeant-at-arms, who impersonated the Sergeant-at-arms in the Rivers State House of Assembly?

asari dokubo press conference video

What were the headlines of the highly compromised media that threw professionalism to the winds and decided to go against the TRUTH? Then the former Speaker, Rt. You are commenting connference your Google account. The video clip shows the Rivers State House of Assembly in a session with the mace, the authority and symbol of the Rivers state House of Assembly in place. The question we must ask viceo is: Mbu, the Rivers State Commissioner of Police at the Rivers State House of Assembly Complex, when Rotimi Amaechi and his thugs invaded its hallowed Chambers and were shouting, wey dem, wey dem… catch dem, arrest dem — using the Police to execute his evil agenda against the legislators that are against him?

If the police fails to do so, we the People of Rivers State will rise up with one accord and protect him…. The former Speaker, Mr.

Mbu the Rivers State Commissioner of Police from office. If so how come Mr.


“Ogas at the Top” Asari Dokubo Press Conference (TV Episode ) – Video Gallery – IMDb

Our counter-action will get to where they are cocooned in Abuja. Where is the defense of public interests that the media ought to protect and uphold? This time, the will of Rivers people must prevail. Whereas the motion was consequently adopted by a hasty and shallow-minded House of Representatives chamber that are renown for the naked murder of TRUTH, and who have the perchance for supporting injustice and falsehood.

asari dokubo press conference video

The recorded video clip clearly shows that more than ten members, voted for the lawful removal of Mr. We know where their antics is heading, as the Gambaris in the National Assembly and their Yoruba collaborators, continue to slide this entity into the direction we want it go — we will encourage them and push them further, for the foreseeable doom. Mbu to be under his beck and call or compromise his official duties like his lily-livered co-traitors whom he bought over with huge sums — a man who routinely harasses and intimidates those he perceives as his opponents or those who disagree with him on sundry issues within and conferenfe the PDP.

Vldeo Evans Bapakaye Bipi was sworn in.


This time…e no go work for Rivers State! When he comes to judgement, he comes in a way that even Satan will jubilate. Honourable Evans Bakapaaye Bipi and the honourable members of River State House of Assembly, to do the job for which they were elected. Haven failed in their fifty years of rulership in Nigeria, where Education, Health, Social infrastructure and other services, have totally collapsed; grinding this contraption to the pariah state of a failed viceo.

Notify me of new posts via email. While this was going on, the Police, army and State Security Services — especially the police joined in the brutal assault that Rotimi Amaechi orchestrated, and beat Mr. Did Rotimi Chibuke Amaechi not break the law when he invaded the House uninvited and overwhelm the House with bandits and armed security men? Now, where is the truth?


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Was the Rivers State House of Assembly convened in accordance with the rules of the house? Okey Chindah to a pulp, with blood-spluttering on the walls and floor of the House. He sat and presided over the Rivers State House of Assembly as the new Speaker and directed the proceedings of the House in line with the powers conferred on him.

Their support for anything abnormal like their widely publicized support for the recent coup that led to the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi, the first democratically elected President of Egypt and the subsequent massacre of innocent Egyptians, clearly unmasked them as people who has never known democracy, nor imbibed it or practiced it. Chidi Lloyd, former Majority Leader used in inflicting near fatal injuries on Mr.


We are not bothered by antics of the House of Representatives that have slowly lost its credibility and is sliding deeper and deeper into the abyss of infamy; and stand TRUTH on its head. While the macabre dance was going on in Portharcourt an hireling of Amaechi, Honorable Andrew Unchendu, moved cinference motion on the floor of the House of Representatives in Abuja, calling on the Inspector General of Police to reprimand, discipline or remove Mr.

Email required Address never made public. Was the mace Mr. There was no evidence of any attack or crisis of any kind during the smooth transition of power from the old Speaker of Rivers State House of Assembly to the new one.