Sean "Sticks" Larkin Wiki, Married, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height, Children (2024)

Sean "Sticks" Larkin Wiki, Married, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height, Children (1)

A law enforcement officer-turned-TV personality, Sean “Sticks” Larkin gets best recognized for his appearances on the infamous A&E show “Live P.D.”

With 255k+ followers (as of March 2020) on Instagram, Sean embodies the title “celebrity cop” like no other.

Take a breeze through Sean’s wiki-style biography to learn more about him!

Sean “Sticks” Larkin Wiki, Age & Family

Born in 1973, Sean “Sticks” Larkin turned 45 years of age on 7th December 2019. A Sagittarius via Sun sign, he celebrates his birthday on the same day as WWE superstar Dean Ambrose does.

Raised in California, Sean hails from a strict household.

His family boasts a rich military background. Both of Sean’s biological parents severed in the military.

Talking about siblings, Sean has a brother Connor Larkin who took to their father and mother’s profession and joined the military.

Sean, on the other hand, joined a police academy after acquiring his college education. Several years earlier, he had finished schooling at a Tulsa-based high school.

Brianne is reportedly Sean and Connor’s sister.

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Sean “Sticks” Larkin Net Worth, Tattoos + Height

Sean “Sticks” Larkin joined the Tulsa Police Department in early-1997. Rising through the rank, he eventually earned the badge of a sergeant.

Circa mid-2010s, Sean began his reality TV career with A&E’s “Live P.D.” as an in-studio analyst. Impressed by his on-screen charms, the A&E executives eventually handed him a hosting gig on the network’s show “P.D. Cam.”

Beyond a respectable six-figure net worth, Sean towers beyond the six feet height mark. His full sleeve tattoos, more so than his stature, define his physical traits.

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How Did Sean Larkin Get The Nickname “Larkin?”

Like his ink, Sean Larkin’s moniker also carried meaning.

Talking to SiriusXM in March 2019, Sean recalled an incident where he took down an alleged criminal without any weapon. His captain at the time wasn’t happy with the procedure used and called him “F-Stick.”

Soon enough, everyone – from fellow officers to people in his neighborhood – began calling Sean “Sticks.”

Sean “Sticks” Larkin Married, Wife & Children

Sean “Sticks” Larkin’s dedication to his profession somehow may have contributed to the downfall of his marriage to former wife Tammy Jean Stocks.

Despite the divorce, Sean and his once-wife Tammy’s union was a fruitful one. The ex-married couple had two children: a son named Patrick and a daughter Alyssa.

Alyssa was born in August 1997. Meanwhile, Patrick arrived six years (March 2003) later.

Following the collapse of his married life, Sean essentially became a single dad.

A pre-medical student at Oklahoma State University, Alyssa studied physiology & nutritional science in college.

When Sean told Patrick and Alyssa about Lana Del Rey, the teenagers were completely blown away.

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Post-Divorce: Girlfriend & Dating Lana Del Rey

Sean "Sticks" Larkin Wiki, Married, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height, Children (2)

Sean Sticks Larkin with girlfriend Lana Del Rey circa Sept 2019 (Pic – E Online)

In 2019, Sean “Sticks” Larkin’s dating life made headlines. Fall that year, he and musician Lana Del Rey were photographed enjoying a day out in NYC’s Central Park.

Trolls online found the 12 years age difference between Sean and his girlfriend Lana very jarring.

Acknowledging the romance in her October 2019 LA Times interview, the “Summertime” songstress labeled Sean “a good cop” who gets “both sides of things.”

In mid-December 2019, Sean and Lana made their relationship official via Instagram. Both the veteran law enforcement officer and the singer shared photos of them on the said social media platform.

At the pre-2020 Grammy gala held by Clive Davis and the Recording Academy, Sean and his girlfriend Lana made their red carpet debut. For the event, the “Live P.D.” star wore a black suit while his date for the night donned a cream and black off the shoulder dress.

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Split From Lana Del Rey

Following six months of dating, Sean “Sticks” Larkin and Lana Del Rey called it quits. Talking to the New York Times in March 2020, the law enforcement agent-turned-reality star hinted at the split.

Per Sean’s NYT interview, he and Lana were friends right now. Despite being busy with their schedule, they “still talk and whatnot.” While still in a relationship, the duo performed “boyfriend, girlfriend type of things together.”

According to Sean, the now-former lovebirds met in New York and hit it off immediately. Lana’s fame didn’t deter the two from enjoying normal couple things like taking trips to Target, coffee shops, and enjoying Super Bowl parties.

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Sean "Sticks" Larkin Wiki, Married, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height, Children (2024)


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