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Hey Dudes have exploded onto the shoe market as stylish walking shoes; they are comfortable, light, and flexible. But how do they hold up in wet weather? Are Hey Dudes waterproof, and will they keep your feet dry?

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof? Can They Get Wet? (Photos) - Wearably Weird (1)

Hey Dude Shoes are not waterproof. There are only 2 leather shoes in the range that are water resistant, and Wendy and Wally ADV shoes and the Spencer Boots are water-repellent. It is possible to waterproof your Dude shoes by waxing them, using silicone or a waterproof spray.

In my experience Hey Dude shoes aren’t fully waterproof. I will wear mine out in a very light rain for a short amount of time, for example taking out the garbage or running to my car, however I wouldn’t walk long distances in them by any means. In heavy rain I’d avoid wearing them entirely.

Here’s how mine look on me:

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof? Can They Get Wet? (Photos) - Wearably Weird (2)

Even though non of their shoes are totally waterproof, there are 2 water-resistant shoes and 3 water-repellent Hey Dude designs in their range which you can check out here.

Here’s a video of me discussing how Hey Dudes hold up in wet weather:

The Hey Dude range is huge, with designs galore, but no shoes are listed as fully waterproof. Let’s take a more in-depth look at their design and how it holds up against water, plus how you can make your Hey Dudes more waterproof.

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Hey Dudes Love Water, But They Aren’t Waterproof

Hey Dudes soak up water; the Hey Dude range, barring the leather and suede shoes, is washable and holds up well in water. In fact, they are made to be washed with detergent and water; that’s one of the Hey Dude’s unique selling features. However, this is why your Dudes aren’t waterproof; they are made to absorb water so they can be cleaned.

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof? Can They Get Wet? (Photos) - Wearably Weird (3)

The brand is more about comfort and adventure than conquering the elements. The fabric Hey Dude shoes are designed to be breathable and stretchy. Genuinely waterproof shoes are made from harder materials like PVC and rubber.

Water Resistant Is Different From Waterproof.

Waterproof and water resistant are two terms that are often used interchangeably. Still, they offer entirely different water protection for your feet.

A waterproof shoe allows no water into the shoe. It keeps your feet completely dry, irrespective of the water it is exposed to. On the other hand, a shoe that is water resistant keeps water out for a while but eventually gets soaked through.

A water-repellent shoe keeps water out for a shorter time and works well for a quick dash through the rain but nothing more.

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A Handful of Hey Dudes Offer Some Water Protection

There are no completely waterproof shoes in the Hey Dude range. There are, however, 2 water-resistant shoes and 3 water-repellent Hey Dude designs.

Paul Shoes Can Handle Cold And Rain.

The Paul Shoe is constructed for cold and rainy climates; it isn’t waterproof but water resistant. The shoe’s upper is made from soft, recycled leather, so it won’t absorb water as quickly as fabric shoes. What’s great about the Pauls is that they are fitted with Hey Dude’s new grip outsole, which has excellent traction.

The shoe has a higher cuff for added protection from inclement weather, keeping your feet warmer and less exposed to wet conditions.

Paul Sox’ Soles Keep Your Feet Dry

Paul Sox Hey Dudes are made from a high-performance knit fabric that is water-repellent. The Paul is also fitted with an Ultra Grip outsole.

The Spencer Boot Gives Extra Warmth

This Spencer boot, created with a stretch nylon upper, is water-repellent with a wool-blend lining for added warmth in colder weather. It doesn’t have the Ultra-grip outsole, so it isn’t suitable for walking on wet slippery surfaces.

Wally And Wendy ADV Offer Nylon Protection

Wally ADVs from the iconic Wally range are manufactured from stretch nylon that works well to repel water and for a quick walk through the rain. The Wally ADV isn’t fitted with a special grip outsole and is not recommended for walking on hard wet surfaces.

Wendy’s is the most popular women’s shoe in the Hey Dude range, and the Wendy ADV was designed with stretch nylon uppers that repel water but do not protect your feet from walking through very wet weather. They’re ok for walking about in a light drizzle.

The Good News Is You Can Waterproof Your Hey Dudes

Hey Dudes are made from various fabrics. Most of these can be treated to achieve waterproofing or water resistance.

Edward Andrade from Cesar Shoe Repair, one of New York’s most respected shoe restorers, says that a shoe that could be dry cleaned is a shoe that should be waterproofed. After 26 years in the shoe cleaning business, he has confirmed that shoes with an upper fabric should be waterproofed.

Waterproof Your Shoes Immediately

Before you have even worn your shoes, protect them with a waterproof spray. Before you have even worn your shoes, protect them with a waterproof spray. Give your Dudes two or three thorough layers of waterproofing spray as soon as you take them out of the box.

Even on dry days, there may be small wet patches or damp grass you walk over. Water leaves marks on shoes and they aren’t easy to remove. The waterproof spray keeps your shoes clean too. The protective coating stops dirt from sticking.

Get Waxy With Cottons

Many of the shoes in the Hey Dude range are made from cotton, cotton canvas, or canvas.

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof? Can They Get Wet? (Photos) - Wearably Weird (4)

These are not waterproof fabrics, but it is possible to treat them with colorless candle wax, beeswax, silicone spray, or waterproof spray to keep them drier for longer.

The iconic Wendy and Wally Ranges have the following shoes made from cotton:

  • Wendy
  • Wendy Canvas
  • Wendy Crosshatch
  • Wendy Fringe
  • Wendy Patch
  • Wendy Slub Canvass
  • Wally Break Stitch
  • Wally Slub
  • Wally Braided
  • Wally Washed
  • Wally Funk Wool

It’s a good idea to test the wax on a small, hidden corner of your shoe to check that it isn’t going to stain the fabric. Colorless wax shouldn’t stain the material, but wax with even the slightest tinge of color could.

Waxing your shoes is an easy task to undertake:

  • Give your shoes a thorough clean; get them dust and dirt free. If they need a good wash, let them completely dry before waterproofing them.
  • Rub a generous layer of wax on your shoes. The waxy layer must be thick enough to be visible.
  • Massage the wax all over your shoes, and ensure that every inch is covered.
  • Plug in a hair dryer and blast your shoes with the hottest air possible.
  • Keep the heat up until no more wax is visible and completely absorbed into the fabric.
  • Give your shoes a quick wipe with a dry cloth to remove any wax residue.
  • Wait to take to the road, and give the wax a chance to work its magic before you head out in wet weather.

Silicone Can Save The Day For Leather Shoes.

Another word of wisdom, is that silicone-based waterproofing sprays provide an umbrella for your shoes. Silicone sprays are excellent for leather and work just as well for fabric uppers.

Leather shoes, like the Wendy Faux Leather and the Wally Leather, require a conditioning preparation before waterproofing them. Mink oil is one of the best treatments for leather, so apply this before getting to work with the Silicone Waterproofing spray.

Wax is good for waterproofing leather too. It not only seals the leather but conditions it too. As with cotton and canvas, smother your shoes in wax, heat it up and let the protective wax coat seep into your Dudes. Let your shoes dry before you step out and about.

Polyester Dudes Need Waterproofing

Polyester, in its purest form, is waterproof. Still, little gaps form in the polyester when blended with other materials, making it no longer waterproof. There are polyester blend shoes in the Wendy and Wally Ranges:

  • Wendy Halo
  • Wendy Rise Eyelet
  • Wendy Rise Stretch
  • Wendy Sox
  • Wendy Sox Micro
  • Wendy Stretch
  • Wally Sox
  • Wally Sox Fans
  • Wally Sox Triple Needle
  • Wally Ascend Woven
  • Wall Sox Funk
  • Wally Sox Micro

To waterproof polyester, use a waterproofing spray, silicone spray, or wax. All three of these waterproof methods are highly effective on polyester.

Try These Hacks And Tips To Waterproof Your Hey Dudes

Even though your Dudes aren’t waterproof, you can still find a way to keep them dry in wet weather. To keep wearing your favorite shoes in the rain, take a look at these 10 hacks, tips, and bits of advice:

  1. Give your shoes a thorough clean before waterproofing them; this ensures they are dust and dirt free. Any bits of dirt will stick to the surface of your shoes once you’ve sealed them.
  2. If you’ve given your Dudes a wash before starting the waterproof process, ensure they are 100% dry. Waterproofing doesn’t stay put on wet shoes.
  3. Waterproof the side of your shoes, the seams, shoelace eyelets, and any other gaps in your shoes. This is where the water seeps through the most.
  4. Keep the waterproof spray at least a spray can’s length away when spraying your shoes; this allows the spray to cover the entire shoe and not just concentrate in one section.
  5. Buy it if you can get your hands on a nano waterproof spray. The nanoparticles penetrate fabric and are highly effective in keeping shoes dry.
  6. Waterproofing your shoes once will not last, you must repeat the process after your shoes have walked through a few rain showers.
  7. Hairspray works just as well if you are in a bind and do not have any waterproof spray on hand. Spray hairspray all over your shoe and repeat a 2nd or even a 3rd time. The hairspray won’t last for as long as a waterproof spray, but it will protect your Dudes until you can waterproof them thoroughly.
  8. A real advantage of using hairspray is that you can spray it under the soles of your shoes to keep them from slipping.
  9. Waterproof socks are another option to keep your feet dry.
  10. Using a waterproof silicon spray could get quite messy, so ensure that the surface your shoes are on is protected by thick cloth or plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Hey Dudes Be Ruined If They Get Wet?

No, they won’t. Hey Dudes are made to be washed, so water doesn’t damage them. The only exception is the leather shoes.

Will My Hey Dude Shoes Stretch If They Get Wet?

Most Hey Dudes are made from stretchy material or from cotton. Cotton does not stretch at all. The stretchy shoes retain their elasticity and will mold to your feet when they have dried and you wear them again.

How Often Should I Waterproof My Shoes?

Waterproof your shoes after you have worn them about 8 -10 times.


Hey Dudes are not waterproof; although the Paul Shoe is water resistant and Paul Sox has a water-resistant inner. The Spencer Boot and Wendy and Wally ADV are water repellent. Hey Dudes can be waterproofed using wax, silicone, or waterproofing spray. Water does not ruin them because they are washable.

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Are Hey Dudes Waterproof? Can They Get Wet? (Photos) - Wearably Weird (5)


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Are Hey Dudes Waterproof? Can They Get Wet? (Photos) - Wearably Weird (2024)


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