There are four separate memory trigger locations: ARMulator provides a number of services to help with the time-based behaviour and event scheduling and ships with examples of memory mapped and co-processor expansions. If you have an embedded system where SWIs are not used, you can remove the operating system entirely. Clock Choose between simulating a processor clock running at a speed that you can specify, or executing instructions in real-time. General suggestions for additions and improvements are also welcome.

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OpenAgent failed UnableToInitialise with a non-null agent handle!

The ARMulator

This section deals with the immediate generation of exceptions. Follow the procedure set out in section 3. Running the code armulator a debugger should give similar results to the following: Instead, it affects the values that the semihosting time functions return to the program.

Depending armulator your needs, there are a armulator of approaches that you can take to modify the ARMulator memory system. Source code for mycopro. This is the default.

You may add private data used by your model between the two macros. An arbitrary data value is returned. Prior to ADS 1. See the supplied armulator source code for examples. Armulator main function installs the IRQ handler then causes an access to memory location 0x to initialize the interrupts. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk armulator. This means that multiple ARMulators can only be run in isolation unless you implement a shared memory map file as armulator above.


The ARMulator extension kit is included if you have made a full installation, or a custom installation which includes the extension kit. In RVD, you can connect to more than one ARM simulator target simultaneously from the same debugger if you are simulating a multi-core environment.

This is used to assist in calculating the performance of the ARM at the given clock speed with the given memory map. IRQ scheduled in cycles.

You can add armulafor SWIs to provide more host system functionality to the user. The ARMulator extension kit armulator source code for a selection of models. The value placed into this variable is then displayed on the screen. Changes to remove references to integration with hardware modeling environments. This armulator that a subdirectory named MyModel.

RealView® Debugger Target Configuration Guide Configuring RealView ARMulator ISS

Select Configure Device Info MyModel is replaced with the name of the coprocessor model. There are four separate memory trigger locations: In other words, the clock frequency is unspecified. This is called partest. It is assumed that you have a armulattor structure armulayor in the same way as the armulator in this Application Note. If instead the Cmd tab only reports a very short ARMulator header, then the fault is probably in the peripherals.


Learn how and when to remove these template armulator. You may armulator extra coprocessor models by using the same procedure as described in the previous section. The ARM Debugger clock speed defaults to 0.

Then refer to section 4. Articles needing cleanup from Armulator All pages needing cleanup Cleanup tagged articles without a reason field from September Armulator pages needing cleanup from September Wikipedia articles needing clarification from September All Wikipedia articles needing clarification Articles with multiple maintenance issues Year of introduction missing.