Places we came from, are carried to the places we go,” said Shankar about the song. Traces of You creates an uplifting soundscape that shimmers with the contagious power of hope. On the album, there are enough differences in the rhythms to convey range; and the participation of Jones increases the emotion and intimacy. A music video for the track, which featured Norah Jones, was released onto YouTube on 12 September She is noted for her mastery of the sitar. Retrieved 5 December Retrieved 26 April

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The music exists in an undefinable space between genres, always with the Indian music Anoushka loves so dearly at its roots.

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Do we die within a part of a second as the last breath leaves our body, or are we continually moving ever closer to the moment at which we cross over into the unknown? In Jyoti’s Name 3: Despite all its manifest multiculturalism, Traces of You is far more than just another crossover album. Credits from Deutsche Grammophon website [1] and the album liner notes:. A marvellous chase of a piece. Whether receptively popular or consciously artistic, the anoushka shankar traces of you often seem mysterious — a “don’t know how” kind of happening that arrives with inscrutable blessings.

There was a lot of pain, a lot of joy, a lot of beauty, a lot of sadness, and sometimes they were all completely mixed up together. A thrilling sitar-guitar duet with producer Nitin Sawhney on “River Pulse” is another highlight, but Shankar is equally impressive og the solo sitar piece “In Jyoti’s Name”. September Das ist wirklich einmal Crossover: What if that were less literal than it seems? May I always turn towards that which is creation, truth, and love.


The instrumental music is easily pleasing, even soothing.

With this in mind, it is certainly notable that although the individual tracks are con-siderably shorter than traditional raga performances, a strong narrative strand is threaded through not only the three songs for which her hou Norah Jones provides vocals, but the ten instrumental tracks as well. Anoushka Shankar. Shankar sings elegantly about divergent paths, pays tribute to her dad and folds more family members into the delicate spell.

Through his pioneering tours, ground-breaking compositions for orchestras and artists such as Yehudi Menuhin, and role as teacher and mentor to George Harrison, John Coltrane and Anoushka shankar traces of you Glass, he brought his music and culture to audiences of disparate ages and genres across the globe.

Traces of You (Album) | Anoushka Shankar

October One of the most exciting tracks is a sitar and guitar duet called ‘River Pulse’. The creative spark that generated us all is alive in every birth, in every loving heart, and in every newly sung song.

The collection is balanced, thoughtful, and melancholy. November This Indian pop-classical sitar composer inherited much talent from her father, the sitar master Ravi Shankar.

Her new record “Traces of You” contains some of the most intimate and daring ov Anoushka has yet released. That the sitar has since become a fixture in the musical worldview of open-minded listeners is solely due to Ravi Shankar. This page was last edited on 29 Sjankarat Three forms of love, love for her father, her husband, and her son, proved to be the ultimate inspiration for some of the deepest music Anoushka has yet written. April anoushka shankar traces of you Of You” is a substantial work.


Places we came from, are carried to the places we go,” said Shankar about the song. Anoushka Shankar, Norah Jones. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In the months before he passed away, this song was a way for me to express my unwillingness to let him go. The Sun Won’t Set feat. While [Norah] Jones is a tremendously versatile and supple musician, we hear a new side of her on “The Sun Won’t Set”. Traces Of You 3: Traces of You It was released on 4 October through Deutsche Grammophon. However, Traces of You goes beyond resolving music-related dilemmas.

We believe them when they say: