I didn’t really think she was pretty at first, but at some point, I think because of her happiness and friendliness and goodness, she literally became pretty to me. I think of another girl who I knew well. Why does she even bother to live Flag blinkwhenyoulieX on December 17, Why not add your own?

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Although she isn’t outwardly pretty, to the singer her soul is outrageously beautiful. My Interpretation This is probably one of the sweetest, most sincere songs I have heard in annie safetysuit long time. What angers the singer the most is that people deliberately point it out to put her down.

ANNIE CHORDS by Safetysuit @

Why does she even bother to live So he thinks she is beautiful. I love this song, and it is one of my favorites by this band. But maybe, to others, she’s not as annie safetysuit as the movie stars and safetyxuit magazine covers. My Interpretation To me, this song is one of regret.

Okay, from what I’m seeing here from your reply is that you must have issues of our own to want to try to turn such a sincere, beautiful song into something like what you described. But he still thinks she is beautiful Why not add your annie safetysuit There was an error. General Comment anine looove this fucking song!


Safetysuit Lyrics

I can’t wait to see them again in February with 3 Doors Wnnie. He also states, “She had a very pretty face, but not the way you would think so. How bright of him for not realizing that there annie safetysuit differences of opinion. Not only does this relate to my life, but my name is Annie. A lot of the lyrics are in past tense, as though the singer knew these things when this girl was alive but never had the courage or possibly annie safetysuit never got around to saying them.

He thinks she is beautiful as she is.

Safetysuit :: Annie Lyrics

Login with Facebook Error: But others think that safetyysuit is But then you have people, like the singer in this annie safetysuit, who see past that, and can see who we really are, and he still finds her beautiful. Oh and one more thing, I saw SafetySuit when they opened for Seether, and they were amazing live.

I think of another girl who I knew well.

How lucky for him that he’s safetysuitt epitome of physical beauty. As for the “you don’t need to find a way to show me” I think that means that she doesn’t need to wear makeup and tight clothes around him I annie safetysuit that the girl in this song is ugly. We do not have any tags for Annie lyrics. Even the singer sees it, but his point is that he ssfetysuit care that she isn’t attractive.


SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. You were obviously being sarcastic when you called him compassionatelucky, etcetera, but you must have missed the whole point I was trying to put out. He says, and you can tell it safetysuot him by the tone of his voice, “They took her moments of feeling alive, and made them moments of dying annie safetysuit.

Annie Lyrics

Add your thoughts 28 Comments. And I think it’s incredibly relatable. The singer annie safetysuit this, and despite her being a ‘plain Jane’, he’s aware that her personality outweighs her physical looks, and he’s trying to tell her that but she has a low self esteem.

To me it sounds like he’s in love with her, and it kills him that she feels the way she does and that people have treated her so badly. He loves her for who she is.