I don’t know what rock I was hiding under when this came out, but now it’s in my top 5 of for sure. After a long hiatus this album sounded pretty fresh, yet though far from perfect Soul Strings. Haynes belts out a solid and memorable account of the mythical city Atlantis during the chorus. Write your own review. The guitar solos are technical as all hell, but manage to be interesting and quite beautiful simultaneously. Allegaeon’s Formshifter is ultimately a competent piece of death metal.

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Allegaeon – Formshifter Review

Twelve – Vals for the Legions Originally written for http: Unlike a lot of other technical death metal bands, that like to eschew the traditional song structure, Allegaeon embraces a more metal traditional verse-solo-chorus-verse-solo-solo song structure on this album. The Azrael Trigger This is not completely unoriginal by any means, but it is certainly nothing new. A Path Disclosed While the lyrics allegaeon formshifter solos are quite good, the major highlight of this album is undeniably the riffs.

Personally I can’t find what it is that’s being criticised so severely, and I was left sad when the album was done allegeon I wanted it to last longer. The other instruments are all solid, allegaeon formshifter it is the guitar work that stands out here.

There are, though, undeniably some aspects of Formshifter that prove to be detrimental to the album’s overall quality. They’re just awesome and they do so many great things across this whole record. The performances are clearly good, but the music itself lacks any type of soul or substance. If you haven’t heard it already I’d definitely recommend that you right that wrong. Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 15, They’ve picked their chosen delights from the smorgasbord of technical metal conventions, and they’ve arranged them into a package that is destined to do well amongst fans of this type of style.


I personally believe that Formshifter is most certainly a solid effort; however, it does suffer from some flaws that prevent it from being anything better. The pace doesn’t change allegaeon formshifter much, but the stuff on offer comes in at a level of not too fast but not too slow which not many people can actually get right. allegaeon formshifter

Allegaeon “Formshifter”

Lastly, the drums are standard as well, blasting away for a good portion of the album in combination with slower, but well-thought-out beats.

The album starts strong allegaeon formshifter “Behold God I Am “. The basslines follow the lead of the guitar riffs usually, but not much more could be said about them. The sophomore release, Formshifter allegaeon formshifter, from Allegaeon refines and polishes what they had established with their debut on Fragments of Form and Function — tight, technical, groove and hook-laden riffs with catchy choruses and blazing shredding all along the fretboard and deep, commanding death growls.

Overall I’d say that the band has done a sterling job here and I enjoyed every minute of this album. This was their somewhat anticipated sophomore release the band doesn’t have the largest fan base.

Allegaeon – Formshifter – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

It is comparably to looking up at the stars and wondering what lies beyond our small planet. I saw this album on several year-end lists, so I decided to check it out.


fornshifter Another great song from Formshifter is “Iconic Images”, the fourth song on the album. It mixes well with the guitars, which I guess is its job, and it keeps the rhythm going even with both guitars throwing hooks around all over the place. They are competent, but not impressive.

Despite some of the repetitious nature of Formshifterthis is an album that stands strong with the rest of the technical death metal giants like ObscuraNileDying FetusThe Facelessfromshifter Gorod.

It blends the previously mentioned harmony with shredding metal. I’ll be the first to admit I enjoy this style of music when done well, but Allegaeon allegaeon formshifter really bring anything new to the table. It came as a disappointment to some while others saw it as superb. The bass is audible, although not to the extremes that I’ve heard it. The new one promises to be even better!

There are some good numbers like the Scar Allegaeon formshifter approach of “Tartessos: Still fairly impressive, even if Brandon Park does a better job. As The Kingdom Drowns by Psycroptic.