This, in turn, doubled their production to an average of 4, ice cream bars a day. Regrets came every now and then for the last two years as her dream drifted away from day to day. ZEP is a coalition of non-government entities that aims to reduce extreme poverty in the Philippines by On its third year of advocating for literacy, the bank has moved past inspiration into actively helping build communities where every child, parent, out of school youth has access to opportunities to elevate their lives and fulfill their dreams through education. Given the initial successes of their businesses, the Budiongans and the Genabes inevitably thought of growing their ventures even further. Starting small Armed with an old refrigerator and a killer ice candy recipe, husband and wife Julius and Olie Budiongan started an ice candy business in October using just Php in capital for ingredients. Entertainment 4 months ago.

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Two self-employed micro-entrepreneurs, who recently won in the 7th Mindanao Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Awards, proved that statement after having demonstrated that thriving and profitable businesses can begin with the smallest of capital.

The seven clusters are: Through our NegosyoKo Loans, we provide a simple yet more formal lending platform to micro-entrepreneurs so that they can grow their businesses isabg. He grew up in Binangonan, Rizal, listening to ballad music of Gino Padilla, among others.

Individuals can also help by linking ZEP to potential partners or through pledges and donations. It has interventions and programs in cities and municipalities from 33 provinces in 15 regions across the country. World News 12 hours ago. Events 2 years ago. To date, the bank has donated technology tools comprised of more than laptops, isant over LCD projectors as well as external hard drives and pocket wifi to more than DepEd divisions.


Opinions 2 days ago. As a socially responsible organization, CitySavings will continue to focus on driving change for a better world through our corporate social responsibility CSR that will benefit all our stakeholders by advancing business and communities. We can successfully achieve zero poverty through the spirit of collaboration and collective impact.


Shajhana is now thrilled more than ever to visit their local ALS center to learn more. This is the rationale behind the collaborative aspect of our work—bringing together the expertise and resources of different organizations to convey transformational change to these families and break the cycle of poverty.

Starting small Armed with an old refrigerator and a killer ice candy recipe, husband and wife Julius and Olie Budiongan started an ice candy business in October using just Php in capital for ingredients. Sharing the stage with local and international artists, bagging awards and recognition, Gloc-9 may have achieved a lot. Armed with an old refrigerator and a killer ice candy recipe, husband and wife Julius and Olie Budiongan started an ice candy akoy isang sirena by gloc 9 in October using just Php in capital for ingredients.

At an early age of 17, Shajhana had to set aside her dream of having a diploma due to her pregnancy and the situation she faced early on as a teenage mother.

She also recalled one of the best memories she had so far in her class.

Sirena (Gloc-9 song)

This teleserye tackled several social issues, which includes gay rights. He g,oc considered one of the most respected musicians and performers.

She believed that completing her studies is the only ticket for her to be employed and earn enough money to sustain the growing needs of her family. She knew for a fact that it would be challenging for her and her husband, a motorcycle driver, to provide their child a bright future.


Starting with just Php in capital for materials, Paul produced his first wooden cabinet, which Sally eventually sold for Php1, under their business, Sally Furniture. This is the harsh reality that most self-employed micro-entrepreneurs SEMEs face in their quest to grow their businesses.

Since its beginnings inZero Extreme Isag Philippines ZEP has now reached 10, extremely poor families nationwide, including informal settlers, farmers, fisherfolk, and indigenous peoples who are considered some of the most marginalized sectors in the Philippines.

Gloc 9 “Sirena” Gets Negative Reactions – EMONG’S

Sally Genabe also faced difficulties finding capital to expand their fledgling furniture business. With that, he has performed at concerts, calling for peace for places affected by war and those in the midst of violence. Published 1 week ago on December 26, Since its inception, the ALS program has opened numerous opportunities for the likes of Shajhana who have limited or no access to formal basic education.

They dedicate their time to fulfill their mission and help their students achieve their dreams in life. Business News 10 hours ago. Today, Sally Furniture employs four carpenters, three painters, one delivery person, and one sales representative. Events 3 years ago. He has won various awards. ZEP is calling for non-government entities, corporate foundations and corporations, and other poverty alleviation advocates to akoy isang sirena by gloc 9 the different thematic clusters and enroll their programs to be part of the movement, or to bring ZEP to more cities and municipalities as local conveners.