This may happen due to the heavy traffic in the network in your area. Please check if the device has separate settings for Internet and Streaming. Download it for FREE and enjoy The charges for the packages are as follows: Calling all Bollywood Buffs!

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Facebook says that outside apps haven’t been hacked News.

Aircel Popkorn TV App – Download for Free on

How do I handle a telephone call while watching a video? You need a minimum of kbps bandwidth, to play the high bit-rate feed smoothly. Please download and re-install the application. I am not able to attend telephone calls while watching Aircel 3G Popkorn programs.

You will see a consistent signal once a GPRS connection is established; otherwise the signal will be blinking. Please make sure that, the following APNs are set for its mobile browser or in internet settings of the device. How do I personalise my Aircel 3G Popkorn? Calling all Bollywood Buffs! You can use the volume keys of the phone.


Simply follow aircel popkorn tv app following steps There can be 2 reasons for it: You can also check for your subscribed packages under the ‘My Account’ menu. Please stay on your network circle while downloading the application.

Aircel Mobile TV Live Online Free Download –

Aircel Popkorn works in both 3G and 2G. Please check the supported devices list and confirm. No, currently Aircel 3G Popkorn does not support Bluetooth download. Aircel 3G Popkorn may not be supported on your device.

How can an issue be reported? It will download the application through your GPRS connection. Now, how do I download the application?

Aircel Mobile TV Live Online

Please submit your details and our representative will get in aircel popkorn tv app with you. What pkpkorn the Aircel Popkorn 3G service? What are the access points I need to choose, to install and use Aircel 3G Popkorn?

I am trying to download the application but the link does not work. The monthly plan can be activated for prepaid customers also but you can register for it only if you have enough balance to access it. Following packages are available: Or you may be using a different APN setting. The Aircel 3G Popkorn link just blinks.


Try restarting the device and check once again. Just click the link in the SMS. Can I save the video which I am viewing?

Can I activate Aircel 3G Popkorn? I have a prepaid connection. For Android, please change the following settings: Check whether the phone date and time are correct.