Playlist window can’t be resized when it uses standard skin – Fixed: Player – sometimes the “Audio Device Settings” button disappears after clicking on it Fixed: Total duration of playlist now displays in “DD: Playlists – the “Save playlist ‘Default'” option is ignores when closing playlist tab – Fixed: Playlist – the “Default. CUE parser – support for multiple values fields Tag Editor: Dec 1, File size:

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UI – autocomplete in ComboBox element is not case sensitive Fixed: Genres sorted alphabetically Advanced Tag Editor: Playlist – an error occurs when clicking at the header of group in some cases Fixed: Animation of equalizer window worked slow on some systems – Fixed: Music Library – table view – sorting resets to defaults after restart the app Fixed: Player hangs while track navigation, if DSP-plugins are in use – Fixed: Player crushes when trying to play corrupted file aimp v3.20 rc 1 build 1148 MP3 format – Fixed: Now files merge into one queue, when send it to a removable device Player: Music Library – an error occurs when populating the list of possible values for filter by column Fixed: Code optimization Advanced Tag Editor: Plugins – Online Radio Browser: Bug with saving options in limited account – Fixed: Ability to change the order of table columns Audio Library: Common – command line – switches are case sensitive Fixed: Lyrics – the SRT file format parser does not take empty lines into account that defined as text Fixed: Common – app cannot be started in compatibility mode regression Fixed: Error dialog will aimp v3.20 rc 1 build 1148 shown now if the application resumes playback during startup Playlist: Skin Engine – bugs with positioning of windows Fixed: Showing album covers from GIF – Fixed: Incorrect text is displayed for the error, which occurs while output device is initializing – Fixed: Controls – fading animation does not work with focused elements Small bugs and defects were fixed AIMP v3.


Small scratches can be heard on jumping from one track to another when equalizer is switched on – Fixed: The BASS has been updated to v2. Radio Browser – links doesn’t add to “custom” catalog – Fixed: Common – addons packages cannot be installed if one of files in the packages is not compressed Fixed: Tag Editor – track number does not save to playing file – Fixed: Skin Engine – elements draws incorrectly if they placed over the masked BluredGlass element Fixed: Player — album arts not loaded in some cases if caching is switched off Fixed: Parser for CUE formats now ignores an empty fields Playlist: Playlist Manager – an error occurs when trying to import folders as playlist, if one of loaded playlist is folder based smart-playlist Fixed: Sound Engine – played track is retained in memory after a manual switch to another track Fixed: Known memory leaks – Fixed: Bugs with removing silence filter AIMP v3.


Sound Effects – mixing options apply incorrectly – Fixed: Review by Janez on Jun 25, Version: