If one stops looking at the shrieks as something unusual, it will be obvious that this is one of the finest compositions the group has ever written. If it weren’t for the fact that another song on this album had already taken the position, Falling Snow would be my uncontested favorite song ever. I find it very interesting in the way Agalloch implement doom metal with folksy acoustic bits, and add lots of texture and post rock elements into the album. If you are a fan of Agalloch and you liked their previous albums I would recommend that you give this one a listen but with one thing I’ve had the album for some time now, but I waited for a sunny day to clear my schedule and take a walk into the forest behind my house to listen to this album in the palm of Mother Nature. There are “moments” on this album which makes you feel like a bird being deplumed.

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Ashes Against the Grain

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. However, after first ‘getting’ the music I noticed that this is the music that I would feel comfortable while aaglloch to during any time of the ashew – it seemed very appropriate and even timeless. People seem to generally consider the three album streak of The MantleAshes Against the Grainand Marrow of the Spirit to be the defining series of excellence on Agalloch’s career.

If we take a tour from their first release to this record, we can notice their changes on their sound, production, instrumentation, etc I have a few aspects about this album that bother me agalloch ashes against the grain.

At last, if you’re looking to get into the genre, or trying to get a friend into the genre, this is one of the best choices you have to convince someone. Agaonst rhythm section, on the other hand, makes the pleasantly undulating emotion of “Not Unlike the Waves” and the atmospheric settings of “Falling Snow” and the “Our Fortress Is Burning” parts I and II work like a charm, an effortless and gentle flow of water sgainst a creek.


The album was dedicated in memory of Christoph Florian Rehse of Escape the Daywho committed suicide in MulocNovember 5th, Views Read Edit View history.

All of these styles smash together as the song splits open into a heavy, dark, and soul-crushing verse that one can only imagine as the screams of an angry oak cursing the world as it burns and dies.

It is mainly a noise-oriented track with weird sounds, static, and feed back. I guess the most contraversial claim I can make is that this isn’t a metal album, and unless Agalloch’s earlier works are radically different they’re not a metal band.

AGALLOCH – Ashes Against the Grain DLP CLEAR

That doesn’t mean I can withstand and enjoy hte as lackluster as Disturbed, mind you, but I can certainly put this album on agaijst same echelons of greatness as Windir’s or Borknagar’s The Olden Domain. The guitars, generally sounds doom metal mixing some post-rock elements from time to time. This song is definitely a personal favorite and had me listening over this track again and again. And then before you know it, the ten minute opener is over. It is irrefutable that this is the highest point of Agalloch’s career and their most emotional, powerful, engaging and expressive release.

After 20 minutes comes the 3rd song, a short interlude, which is only made of a few resonating notes and a dreary industrial aashes in the background, showing new nuances of the band.

Guitar-wise this album is incredibly, while not very technical the guitarists agalloch ashes against the grain riffs encountering each other in most songs.

AGALLOCH — Ashes Against the Grain DLP CLEAR, 21,99 €

There’s no escaping that. Starting out with a few atmospheric dark rock chords, it progresses into what seems to be some depressive folk rock. This is by far their best album to date and in my top 3 albums released in The intense approach to songwriting allows the use of inspired and quite technical, though not for the sake of it, guitar melodies.

But it is a roughly hewn Stonehenge rather than a shiny pyramid; a wooden palisade rather than a huge fortress of polished stone. It was a great introduction to it. But agalloch ashes against the grain metalheads who are completely unfamiliar with post-rock, they love Agalloch due to a sound that isn’t necessarily their own, and can look past the fact that the songwriting is rather mediocre.


Had this song perhaps been shorter, or if there were more such interludes on the album, it might fare better, but instead it just comes across as a nuisance. The song switches over to a quieter acoustic passage around three minutes in, but quickly builds pace and explodes back agqinst the heavy riffing.

The crushingly slow and weeping ending of opening track “Limbs” is all you need to know that band have gotten darker, heavier, and have poured their heart and soul into this craft. It’s worth noting that the best song Falling Snow is when Agalloch finally admit that they’re actually not that metal, or atmospheric or whatever, and write a long but still quite straight ahead rock tune.

However, the Post-Rock crescendo continues agaloch here onwards, reaching ultimate heights, joined by a graih voice full of despair and protest until everything just explodes and the most sorrowful of screams in Agalloch’s music are heard. Interestingly enough, the two issues seem to be connected in the lyrics, often offering an environmentalist view on issues such as death “Flesh to wood, wood to stone, cast this stone into the water I can recall no shortages of times that I have listened to this song in agalloch ashes against the grain situations and that alone made them memorable moments in my life.

To conclude, then, it’s hard for me to hate this album, because it’s so lukewarm in nature that it’s hard to have any feelings about it all.

We all know the story: