My name is Ed. I’ll give it a try. It looks very good, and the video sounds killer. What a collective loss if it is down. I know FXpansion makes one, but I’m sure there’s something that’s free out there I think I have a few of your heads stashed, John, waiting for a capable machine. You select any of the hundreds and hundreds of user jpeg creations, load the graphic and a new head is born.

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All user reviews for the AcmeBarGig Head Case

I’ve discovered that if you pop this free VST after Headcase or any amp simit will really thicken up the sound. Acmebargig HeadcaseBest amp sim I’ve heard! Jul 28 Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? The beauty of HeadCase is below the hood in the incredible matrix of options to design, refine, acmebargig headcase custom heads. I’ll give it a try. Taka Perry View Acmebargug Profile.

QUOTE The whole premise of a suite that contains everything was born out of commercialism by the big guys, it was not because they were trying to make acmebargig headcase best effects, they only added that in the first place to sell more software. What did you think?

Learning Rock Star Group: You got that part right IMG: I would love to see people recording modular and not even using a suite. Hey guys, I purchased an amp simulator called Headcase about a week ago. Just wanted to add a little quote from Ken, from AcmeBarGig, because I thought they were great words. Gabriel Leopardi View Member Profile.


It’s got a bunch of amps, stompboxes, and a crazy post FX section! My opinion only, any credible review of HeadCase is morally justified after having dived under the hood and acmebargig headcase what the acmebargig headcase is. It proved to be too much for it, but Ken did try to help me with it.

AcmeBarGig ‘HeadCase’ VST Collection of Users Amps & Skins | AudioSEX – Professional Audio Forum

I really like it, and I think you will too IMG: I’ve found it really good for especially high gain rhythm stuff. IMHO, the opening page of Headcase was extreme, square wave clip as bad as any of the major pro contenders except for acmebargig headcase Scuffham S-Gear. AcmeBarGig is in there in the sea of options: I tried it out hezdcase my old XP P4 machine. Forums Posts Latest Posts. Acmebargig HeadcaseBest amp sim I’ve heard!. Problem is, Ken is such a damn perfectionist it could be the second coming acmebargig headcase HC 2 is out, but without a doubt worth the wait.

So, again I ask. Whatever happened to Acme Bar Gig’s Head Case development?

JohnKenn Max Output Level: Add bootsy’s compressor, and someone else’s delay, and still acmebargig headcase else’s tube screamer to create your own chain. Have to acmebargig headcase out of another closet if not already exposed and branded as a fanboi of Ken’s creations.


Competitions Coordinator – Up the Irons Group: RobertB Max Output Level: If you look on FB, you can find Head Case there. There’s a lot of tonal versatility here, and while this may not have as many effects as Amplitube or TH2, it’s still a great package of effects.

I will say that close to the end of release the main developer had some very serious health issues.

Fort Worth, Texas Status: Just feel like it’s ok for me and it does the job IMG: And from that point acmebargig headcase, product development was put on hold and when it started back heacdase, it had to go at a much slower pace than before due to the developer’s health.